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Episode: 9 simple tips how smart PTT services can better support your business Watch episode Speakers

About Episode 4

This is the fourth of the five episodes in the “Experts on critical push-to-talk” webinar series. In this episode, five experts reveal nine simple ways how smart, advanced PTT services can better support your business.

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What you'll learn:

  • What can the term “smart PTT service” really mean?
  • How could your comms and your data centers work together?
  • How could your PTT services enable remote working?
  • Why are accessories an important part of advanced PTT services?
  • How to avoid downtime when renewing your critical communications?
  • How to choose a future-proof PTT service?
  • How could your information systems be a part of your work teams?
  • How could sensors work together with advanced PTT services?
  • How should you manage your devices and sensors?

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Igor Vinogradoff Host, Senior event manager, Airbus / Secure Land Communications (SLC)
Jonas Envall Sales Manager, TC Connect Sweden AB
Catalin Gheorghiu Business product manager, Airbus / Secure Land Communications (SLC)
Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen Head of Operational marketing, Airbus / Secure Land Communications (SLC)
Lotta Lantz Account Manager Scandinavia, Airbus / Secure Land Communications (SLC)
Christopher Richard Co-Founder & CEO, United Biometrics

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Webinar: 9 simple tips how smart PTT services can better support your business


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