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The award-winning Agnet

Airbus’ Agnet won the prize for "Best MCX Solution of the Year” during the ICC Awards at the Critical Communications World (CCW) event in Vienna.

The judges identified Agnet as the forerunner in critical communication and collaboration solutions over broadband. Agnet is a collaboration engine – a strong push-to-x service combined with an ecosystem of apps, accessories, devices, and possibilities of integration. Because it can bridge together communications and workflow management, it can also support business processes in a new way.

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  • Hybrid broadband and narrowband solutions
  • Professional apps
  • Hybrid TETRA+LTE devices
  • Secure MVNO
  • Digital radio networks and related solutions
  • TETRA radios
  • Tetrapol terminals.


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Agnet over Satcom White Paper

Agnet is designed for critical communications and offers secure and reliable connectivity over 4G/5G networks. However, backup connectivity may be needed when in rural areas, for disaster relief or in case of temporary power outages impacting 4G/5G availability.

Download the Agnet over Satcom whitepaper and learn more about the benefits of the solution for your mission or business.

Agnet for Business Critical Industries

Agnet gives reliable access to critical communication services, which deliver far more than push-to-talk over broadband, such as data, video, and location services. It supports 3GPP standards and is fully compatible with 4G/5G. 

Download the Agnet for Business Critical Industries brochure and learn more about the benefits for transports, utilities and industries.

Agnet for Public Safety

Agnet is the next-generation collaboration solution, designed for public safety.

It gives professional users reliable access to mission-critical services, which deliver far more than push-to-talk over broadband, such as data, video and location services.

Download the Agnet for public safety brochure and learn more about how to move your communications into the future and adopt 4G/5G capabilities.


How to migrate from TETRA to 4G/5G broadband?

Learn why public safety organizations and enterprises should be looking at mission critical broadband now.

Discover the opportunities and the risks, the do's and dont's – and see how your broadband migration could be a success. Download this white paper now!

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Agnet Turnaround

Agnet® Turnaround solution is set to revolutionize how airports manage ground operations, fostering more effective cooperation among stakeholders.

This video explains how the solution is transforming the Aircraft turnarounds, allowing airports and ground handlers to save time and money.

Mission-critical broadband

TB4 is a hybrid base station, with both TETRA and 4G/5G technologies in one base station. This offers operators flexibility when planning their future TB4 offers smooth evolution to broadband services.

Intelligent connectivity

What are the possibilities of increased availability of information, data sharing, automated workflows and alerts?

On this video, you'll learn how Tactilon Agnet allows secure exchange of information for seamless integration between third party applications and Tactilon Agnet.

Agnet Services

How to save time and minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband capabilities into your organization

Agnet Services will guide you and help you safeguard against blind spots. 

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