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Experts on mission critical: Innovation, technology, connectivity. 5 episodes and 5 different viewpoints to critical communications.

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Does your organization want really to unlock critical communications? To see what the future holds when adopting broadband for professional and mission-critical communications?

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5 interesting episodes

Each of the five episodes has a different viewpoint into next-generation critical communications.

You will understand what mission-critical broadband means, what professional applications can deliver, and learn about a variety of opportunities that lie in the future of critical communications.

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Webinar 1

The next 5 things to do immediately about your broadband communications

Wed 12 May, 2pm CET – Top experts discuss the smart moves into public safety broadband. Which five things should you do immediately?

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Webinar 2

Where is the mission critical user experience heading in the next five years?

Wed 26 May, 2pm CET -- In this episode, top experts discuss the mission critical experience and talk about how user device design will develop towards the future.

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Webinar 3

Why the next 10 years of professional apps will smash the last 10

Wed 9 Jun at 2pm CET - Top experts give answers to questions like "In 10 years, are there going to be apps like we know today," "Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed our use of professional apps," and many more.

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Webinar 4

9 easy ways to improve your communication security

Wed 23 Jun, 2pm CET - Top experts discuss topics such as access rights, user rights, GDPR, and data classification, and how these topics relate to communication security. 

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Webinar 5

IoT and AI – never before seen opportunities for public safety

Wed 7 Jul, 2pm CET - Top experts discuss the many reasons for public safety organizations be interested in IoT and AI now. They reveal practical use cases for IoT and AI  as well.

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