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How do professionals use mobile apps today? What are the most important  characteristics of mobile apps? What are the most potential use cases for new mobile apps?

What is the next big thing in professional apps?

You will find the answers – and more – in the 2022 report of the annual Airbus survey on professional mobile apps.

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Users want security with a roadmap to the future

Security continues to be the key requirement for apps according to users. They also want to see commitment from their suppliers and a clear roadmap to the future.

This is one of the notable trends revealed by Airbus’ latest survey into the professional apps market. What else did the survey find?

The seventh annual mobile apps survey report details the latest professional mobile apps trends across the globe. Get all the trends and figures from the 2022 survey report –

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Which apps do professionals use?

Most of the respondents use apps in their daily operations. The most commonly used are email and/or calendar, group chat, and web browsing.

16% of respondents use applications to automate routine tasks and reporting (a new option in this year’s survey).

Important in an app

The respondents were asked what they considered as the most important characteristics of professional mobile apps.

Professionals continue to value three characteristics:

  • Security and ownership of data
  • High reliability and availability of the service
  • Easy to use.

The top three characteristics have been the same since the very first survey.



The effect of the pandemic

For the second time, the survey asked if the Covid-19 pandemic had increased the use of professional apps. Most respondents answered “yes,” with an increase compared to last year.


Take note -

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the use of professional apps, only one fifth of respondents had definite plans to introduce new professional mobile apps. This may indicate that people are uncertain about the future of apps.

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