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What do professional users look for in an app? Over 500 people shared their views in the fifth annual Airbus survey on mobile apps. Get all the trends and figures from the 2020 survey report –

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Users are ready for professional apps

Public safety and other professional are increasingly ready for secure, professional and even cloud-based apps to be part of their operations. This is one of the notable trends revealed by Airbus’ latest survey into the professional apps market. What else did the survey find?

The fifth annual mobile apps survey report details the latest professional mobile apps trends across the globe. Get all the trends and figures from the 2020 survey report –

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Extent of mobile app use

A higher percentage of professionals use mobile apps

The survey asked if user organizations are already using apps in daily operations. Around 90% answered ‘yes’ – a 12% increase on 2018 when this question was asked for the first time.


As a follow-up question, the respondents were also asked which apps they used. Email and/or calendar, group messaging and web browsing have been the most commonly used apps for the past three years. But around one in five said they used a ‘video streaming type of solution’ – which was a new response option this year.

Use of cloud-based apps

Professional organizations are open to cloud-based apps/services

When asked if organizations were already using mission- or business-critical cloud-based applications (the so called software as a service, SaaS, model), more than a quarter of the respondents answered ‘yes’.


The respondents who answered ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’ got a follow-up question: How likely did they find it that their organization would use mission or business-critical cloud-based applications (SaaS) in the future? Around half (52%) thought that their organization was likely to use cloud-based apps in the future, and only around one-fifth (18%) thought it unlikely.


These were new questions, so we cannot identify a trend. However, these findings indicate that organizations are open to the potential of services delivered via the cloud. 

Key use cases

Same, but new technologies emerging

People were also asked to choose three use cases for mobile apps that had the greatest potential. Group messaging, email/calendar and field command/situational awareness in the field received the most mentions, as they have done throughout the survey’s history. The support for group messaging and email/calendar is even increasing.


As a new response option this year, ‘video streaming type of solution’ was selected by 29% of respondents. In addition, 10% of respondents checked the VR/AR box while only 1% mentioned it in 2018. These numbers indicate that new technologies, such as VR/AR and AI, are gradually emerging.

Pushed or downloaded?

Apps adoption is becoming more structured

Although the majority of participants (69%) personally downloaded apps to their device from generic app stores, this shows a 7% decrease from last year, when we asked this question for the first time.

Around a third (30%) reported using the organization’s app store, or that their organization pushes applications to devices, or that their IT/IM department takes responsibility for downloads – an 8% increase on last year.


In other words, it seems that, although most users download apps from generic app stores, there is a trend towards a more structured approach to adopting apps.

But these were just a few of the findings from the global survey on the professional apps market. You can discover the other eleven trends when you download the survey report "Fingertip access to the latest trends in professional apps" below.

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