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Where are professional apps heading?

How do professionals use mobile apps today? What are the most potential use cases? Do they use chatbots, virtual assistants or voice assistants? And has Covid-19 increased the use of professional apps?

You will find the answers – and more – in the 2021 report of the annual Airbus survey on professional mobile apps.

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Users are ready for professional apps

Public safety and other professional are increasingly ready for secure, professional and even cloud-based apps to be part of their operations. This is one of the notable trends revealed by Airbus’ latest survey into the professional apps market. What else did the survey find?

The sixth annual mobile apps survey report details the latest professional mobile apps trends across the globe. Get all the trends and figures from the 2021 survey report –

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Which apps do professionals use?

84 % of the respondents use apps in their daily operations.

Email and/or calendar, group chat (previously group messaging), and web browsing continue to be the most common types of applications used on an everyday basis.

The effect of the pandemic

This year’s survey asked if the Covid-19 pandemic had increased the use of professional apps, and the majority of respondents answered “yes”.


Take note -

Wherever Covid-19 has brought a radical shift in working methods, there may be room for made-to-purpose apps that support the new methods.

Important in an app

The respondents were asked what they considered as the most important characteristics of professional mobile apps?

69 % of them chose the option "Security and ownership of data - control in own hands".

"Easy to use" was considered second, and third was "High reliability and availability of the service"

The top three continue to be the standout characteristics of mobile apps that professional users value most.





Professional organizations open to the cloud

Do organizations trust their critical data being stored on an external cloud service? 

This was one of the survey questions, and there were almost as many “yes” answers as there were “no’s”.

Such an even result is a moderately strong indication that organizations are becoming more open to cloud-based applications, but not to any kind of cloud-based
apps. They need a secure cloud.

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