About the mobile apps survey

Modern apps are fueling a transformation in critical communications. This annual Airbus survey reveals what public safety and other professional organizations need and how apps must evolve to meet the changing demands of users.

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How does public safety and other professionals use mobile apps? What are their plans and expectations for the future?
In order to answer these questions, Airbus launched its first survey on the professional mobile apps market in 2016.

In 2016, 65 people responded to the first annual mobile apps survey. In 2022, the seventh  consecutive Airbus survey into the state of professional apps gathered insights from hundreds of professionals. This clearly indicates an ever-growing interest in professional mobile apps. It also shows that the survey has established itself has a trusted source of information for users.

All seven surveys were made available online, with participants able to pre-subscribe to the report as an incentive to answer the questions (no other incentives were offered).

The team behind survey

Hans-Martin Zimmermann Director, Airbus (Executive sponsor of the mobile apps survey)
Tapio Savunen from Airbus
Tapio Savunen Director, Strategic Marketing, Airbus
Minna Kuronen from Airbus
Minna Kuronen Digital content marketing manager, Airbus
Niklas Lagerblom from Airbus
Niklas Lagerblom Solution business manager, Airbus
Mika Myllymäki from Airbus
Mika Myllymäki Product business manager, Airbus
Tiina Saaristo from Airbus
Tiina Saaristo Head of Content Marketing, Airbus