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Episode: 9 easy ways to improve your communication security

Wed 23 Jun, 2pm CET

Communication security

9 easy ways to improve your communication security

Episode 4 in the “Experts on mission critical” webinar series. Top experts discuss topics such as access rights, user rights, GDPR, and data classification, and how these topics relate to communication security.

What you'll learn:

  • How is GDPR related to communication security?
  • How to manage access and user rights in a smart way?
  • Security vs. usability: how to find the right balance?
  • How does data classification help in securing your critical communications?
  • What is the smart way to deal with a security incident?

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Webinar: 9 easy ways to improve your communication security


Igor Vinogradoff from Airbus
Igor Vinogradoff Host, Senior event manager, Airbus
Shash Anand from SOTI Inc.
Shash Anand Vice President of Product Development, SOTI Inc.
Michael Jodard from Airbus
Michael Jodard Crisis and SecOps Management Practice leader, Airbus
Mika K. Laitinen from Airbus
Mika K. Laitinen Security and cryptography architect, Airbus
Piia Nikula from Airbus
Piia Nikula Solution marketing manager, Airbus
Timo Toikkanen from Airbus
Timo Toikkanen Security expert, Airbus

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