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Episode: Where is the mission-critical user experience heading in the next five years?

Broadcast on Wed 26 May, 2 pm CET

Mission critical user experience

Where is the mission critical user experience heading in the next five years?

This is the second episode in the “Experts on mission critical” webinar series. The mission critical experience will be discussed and the experts will talk about how user device design will develop towards the future.

What you'll learn:

  • What does mission critical user experience mean?
  • How the way mission-critical users work will change in the future
  • What can Virtual Reality VR, Artificial Intelligence AI, and wearable solutions bring to the users?
  • How are user devices likely to develop towards the future?

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Webinar: Where will the mission critical user experience be heading in the next five years?


Igor Vinogradoff from Airbus
Igor Vinogradoff Host, Senior event manager, Airbus
Mika Myllymäki from Airbus
Mika Myllymäki Product business manager, Airbus
Dr. Harri Posti from the University of Oulu
Dr. Harri Posti Research director, University of Oulu, Finland
Arto Rikalainen from Airbus
Arto Rikalainen UX design expert, Airbus
Nick Ross from Samsung Electronics
Nick Ross Head of Public Safety, B2B, Samsung Electronics UK
Ewa Wlodarczyk from Airbus
Ewa Wlodarczyk Product business manager, Airbus

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