BroadWay project

– for seamless critical communications across Europe

Working together across borders

BroadWay is an EU funded project that will define, develop and trial next-generation critical communication solutions for public safety organizations in Europe.

A key target is to let authorities from different countries communicate seamlessly together — no matter which technologies their colleagues use.

In addition to voice services, authorities need to be able to share the right data to the right people at the right time, wherever they are and whenever needed. These kinds of new broadband capabilities help authorities fight against international crime and terrorism more effectively together — and thus save more lives.

The European Commission launched the Request for Tender (RFT) for the BroadWay project in 2019. Only two of the initial four consortia made it to the final in 2022 of which one consortium is led by Airbus.

BroadWay in a nutshell

Watch this video to learn what BroadWay is all about. It will take less than four minutes!

100+ organizations from 14 countries

The BroadWay project involves participants from over a hundred organization working side-by-side:

  • 11 EU countries – who typically operate the TETRA or Tetrapol networks in their respective countries,
  • 49 responder organisations, such as police, fire, and emergency medical services, in 14 countries – who want to be involved in evaluating the proposed solutions, and
  • 60 additional organisations who have expressed their support of the project.

Their goal is to improve preparedness and cooperation between the participating countries.

Because collaboration is key, the communication between teams needs to be seamless. Efficient communications can save time for the authorities. In a real emergency, time saved may very well mean a life saved.

The BroadWay project

11 participating countries:


Practitioners from 14 countries:



Airbus consortium

The BroadWay project consists of three phases: phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3.

In this final phase 3, the Airbus consortium consists of BICS, LMTStreamWide Technology, Telekom Slovenia and Vodafone (Netherlands), in addition to Airbus. Pentatech and umlaut are also part of the consortium as subcontractors.

Users influencing the design

The BroadWay project consists of three phases design, solution prototype and pilot. During the prototype and pilot phases, the proposed solutions are subjected to real-world testing and evaluation by the Public Safety and Disaster Relief (PPDR) agencies.

The Airbus Consortium has successfully completed final pilot phases during June-July 2022 which focused on the simulation of a forest fire in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the interception of drug smuggling in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. This constitutes a new achievement in critical cross-border communications that concludes this European funded project. The next step, BroadNet, will further pave the way towards seamless cooperation across borders.

Pilot #1 - Forest fire in Ljubljana

More than 45 practitioners (firemen, medical emergency units, police, volunteers) from across Europe and beyond were gathered in Ljubljana, Slovenia as part of the forest fire trial of the BroadWay project.

Thanks to Tactilon Agnet from Airbus, practitioners and collaborators from supporting locations in Italy, Netherlands, Latvia, France and Norway were also involved and maintained seamless communication with practitioners present at the main trial location in Ljubljana. Learn more – watch the video!

Pilot #2 - Drug smuggling in Kerkrade

More than 70 officers from the different national emergency services carried out this real-life scenario involving the staged pursuit of a drug dealer in Kerkrade, a city close to several borders. 

Thanks to Tactilon Agnet from Airbus, the different national public safety teams were able to communicate as well as share real-time information with each other - no matter which technologies their colleagues were using and wherever they were. Learn more – watch the video!

Tactilon Agnet

Secure group collaboration for your teams

Tactilon Agnet® is the ultimate backbone for the Airbus consortium solution.

Tactilon Agnet is all about secure group collaboration. It brings professional communications to your smart devices and offers you the possibility to bring your radio and smart device users to same groups. Hence, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect.

Tactilon Agnet scales flexibly from simple push-to-talk (PTT) to an extensive group collaboration solution which takes advantage of smart device capabilities in a secure and controlled way. It offers the full variety of different communication methods from instant PTT to video and location sharing and it also gives you tools to professionally manage users and groups.

Best MCX solution of the year

Tactilon Agnet won the ‘Best MCX Solution of the Year’ award during CCW 2022 in Vienna. Learn more – read the press release.



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