Tactilon Agnet

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Expand your perimeter

Tactilon Agnet brings secure group communication to your smart devices

With Tactilon® Agnet, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect. 

Tactilon Agnet is an extensible collaboration solution that takes full advantage of smartphone capabilities in a secure and controlled way. Staff necessary to an operation can be easily and securely connected, even when using different devices and technologies.

Tactilon Agnet meets the needs of public safety organizations as well as corporate users. The application runs on standard or ruggedized smart devices, offering a very simple and intuitive user interface for field users.


One solution, many features

Tactilon Agnet covers all professional needs

Providing integrated applications, including voice services, instant messaging, video communication, location mapping and emergency calls, Tactilon Agnet meets the diverse needs of public safety organizations as well as the transport, utility, general industry and corporate sectors.

With Tactilon Agnet, push-to-talk services can be integrated into a professional dispatching application, while bringing the benefits of mobile Internet and a wide selection of device models. Users can manage contacts and groups, while their organizations can set quality of service priorities for users and take advantage of real-time geolocation to check availability of staff. 

Your smartphone can give easy access to these secure professional communication features:

  • Individual call
  • Group call
  • Individual multimedia messaging
  • Group multimedia messaging
  • Individual video call
  • Group video call
  • Emergency call
  • Location and map services
  • Security & Encryption
  • Quality of Service (QoS) management
  • Control room solution
  • Interoperability with Airbus PMR infrastructures



How to use

See here how you can use Tactilon Agnet solution in practice


Bring professional group communications into your smart device

With only a touch of a button on your smartphone you can talk, send multimedia messages or even live video to your group.

Improve your operations with better situational awareness

Send or receive real-time video from the field to give or get immediate support in an assignment. 

Increase the operational efficiency with a tactical map

Benefit from a comprehensive overview of an operation including the group member details and easy commanding.

Secure your individual communication on duty

Make announcements to another user with a voice or video call or send further information by messaging.

What does hybrid really mean...

... for a field user?

Niklas Lagerblom from Airbus shows how easy it can be for smartphone and professional radio users to communicate. Which specific devices or infrastructure are needed to support multimedia features and hybrid user groups?

Video interview from Critical Communications World 2018

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