Tactilon Agnet

One secure solution, three ways to leverage your teamwork

What is Tactilon Agnet?

Secure group communication in your smartphone

Tactilon® Agnet brings secure group communication to your smart devices. This way, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect. 

Tactilon Agnet scales flexibly from simple push-to-talk (PTT) to an extensive group collaboration solution which takes advantage of smart device capabilities in a secure and controlled way.

It meets the needs of public safety organizations as well as transport, utility and industry users. Staff necessary to an operation can be easily and securely connected, even when using different devices and technologies.


Tactilon Agnet runs on standard or ruggedized smart devices. It has a straightforward, intuitive user interface for field users as well as for dispatchers.

Choose your variant

Whether you want a secure push-to-talk (PTT) as as service for your field team or you are looking for a true hybrid work environment capitalizing your existing infrastructure and your smart devices, there is always a right Tactilon Agnet product available for you. 


Tactilon Agnet 500

Cloud service for a monthly fee


For business and industry users

Cloud service for smarter teamwork

Tactilon Agnet 800

Expand Airbus TETRA to smartphones.


Best choice for Airbus TETRA users

Bring TETRA features to your smartphone

Tactilon Agnet 900

Perfect for public safety users


For all public safety users

Get mission critical services to your smartphone

Who is it for?

Providing integrated applications, including voice services, instant messaging, video communication, location mapping and emergency calls, Tactilon Agnet meets the diverse needs of public safety organizations as well as the ones of transport, utility, industry and corporate sectors.

Enter the era of digitalization today! Adopt the smart hybrid solution that easily integrates smart devices into your operational procedures - and if you wish - also with your existing infrastructure. 

How Tactilon Agnet works



Talk, send multimedia messages or live video to your group

Bring professional group communications into your smart device. It only takes a touch of a button on your smartphone to talk, send multimedia messages or even live video to your group.

Send or receive real-time video

Real-time video from the field gives a better situational picture. Instead of reacting to what has already happened, you can be one step ahead. 

Share a tactical map of an operation

A tactical map can give you a comprehensive overview of an operation. Group member details are shown, which helps plan and execute the right response.

Make a one-to-one call or send message

Not everything has to be team communication. You can also call a single person via voice or video, and you can also send further information with a one-to-one message. 

Tactilon Agnet gives you many benefits

Improve your team work

With Tactilon Agnet you can keep your teams connected with just a touch of a button. All the information you need, will always be available.

Share data securely

Sharing data on duty is a must. Equally important is to whom you share it. Tactilon Agnet provides the security and administration features that helps you to deliver right information to the right people – directly from your smart device.

Keep your employees safe

When something unexpected happens, there is no spare time. With Tactilon Agnet help is at hand by pressing the dedicated emergency button. Emergency calls get extreme priority, and can be seen and heard clearly. The position of the alerting device can also be tracked and shown on a map.

New ways of communicating

Experience the benefits of data in your communications. Video, location and voice services together result in sharing more relevant and easily understandable information between users.

Stay up-to-date

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Benefit from customised services

Stay focused on your daily job and let Airbus experts tailor the solution to your operational needs and support you throughout. 

Plan your solution

Design & Engineering, Security & Safety, Integration & Validation. You'll get the assistance you need throughout all planning phases for example to enhance cybersecurity, mission management and user experience.

Deploy with confidence

Implementation & Deployment, Installation & Configuration, Testing & Acceptance... Get all the professional services you need to secure your deployment.

Transfer easily

You won't be alone. Especially not during the transition process. There are plenty of dedicated trainings for users, operators and administrators as well as other migration services.

Run smoothly

Operations and maintenance, Customer Care... Once you start using Tactilon Agnet in the field, the Airbus team will support you in operating and maintaining your solution as long as you need.


Share the right data with right people by integrating Tactilon Agnet with your current solutions. Tactilon Agnet backend API allows secure exhange of information for seamless integration between third party applications and Tactilon Agnet.

Mapping solutions

When integrating Tactilon Agnet with your site maps and asset management solutions you can track and utilise your assets more efficiently.

  • Create points of interest (POIs) based on maintenance requests.
  • Customise your operational statuses to track tasks and on-going processes.
  • Create workflows with e.g. IoT sensor alerts to automatically deploy talk groups with the nearest people around the alert.

Integrate smart devices

Integrate Tactilon Agnet with your smart gear.

  • In demanding circumstances, it is essential for users to use devices with gloves on. Tactilon Agnet can be integrated with your protective gear. 
  • Tactilon Agnet is ready to be integrated with hard Push-To-Talk-devices and other smart accessories.


Database query

Make sure the up-to-date data is always ready for use.

  • Take the advantage of external data more efficiently when integrating multiple data sources with Tactilon Agnet.
  • The current traffic situation data, weather forecast or other external data can be delivered to oragnisations use in no time with seamless data integration.

Control room operations

Improve situational awareness with Tactilon Agnet control center integrations.

  • Command and Control your Tactilon Agnet users with Computer Aided Dispatch system integrated to your control room.
  • Integrate your workforce management with Tactilon Agnet to follow where specific teams are currently located.
  • Support operations with comprehensive data from the field: voice, video, location etc.

What does hybrid really mean...

... for a field user?

Niklas Lagerblom from Airbus shows how easy it can be for smartphone and professional radio users to communicate. Which specific devices or infrastructure are needed to support multimedia features and hybrid user groups?

Learn how smartphone and professional radio users can communicate - seamlessly!

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