CCW 2021

3–5 November, Madrid, Spain

IFEMA Convention Center – Airbus booth E240 (Hall 4)

Critical Communications World

The most significant event of the year for any critical communications expert – Critical Communications World, CCW 2021 – is back!

Visit the Airbus booth E240 (Hall 4) at CCW 2021! There, Airbus experts will be ready to guide you on the evolution of critical communications.

You'll learn, for example:

  • How to get started with mission-critical broadband?
  • Why should organizations be interested in IoT and AI now?
  • Where is the mission-critical user experience heading?
  • How are user devices developing towards the future?

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How to get to the IFEMA conference center?

If you choose to travel with metro, stop at the Nuevos Ministerios-Aeropuerto T4 station (IFEMA Madrid line 8). The exit is opposite IFEMA’s South entrance.

Buses to IFEMA conference center: Ride the 73, 112 or 122 bus (operated by the Municipal Transport Company EMT), or the Intercity bus 828.

  • Line 73: Diego de León - IFEMA MADRID
  • Line 112: Mar de Cristal - Barrio del Aeropuerto
  • Line 122: Avenida de América - IFEMA MADRID
  • Line 828: Universidad Autónoma - Alcobendas - IFEMA MADRID - Canillejas.

Taxis should leave you at the south entrance of IFEMA conference center.


Useful tips for your stay in Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is known for its historical buildings, renaissance and contemporary art museums, unique neighborhoods, and bustling nightlife. Once you visit, you'll most definitely wish to go back.

The Plaza Mayor is one of Madrid’s enormous open squares, with nine entrances, 17th-century frescoes, and King Felipe III’s bronze statue in the middle. This meeting place also offers lively events throughout the year. If you’ve worked up an appetite, there are plenty of cafes serving coffee, beer, and Madrid’s quintessential calamari sandwich.

Madrid is also a great place for food lovers. One of the most interesting experiences you can experience there is eating at Sobrino de Botín – the supposedly oldest restaurant in the world. Try the incredible suckling pig or the delicious roast lamb, and get ready for the ultimate taste experience!

If you're a football fan, don't miss Santiago Bernabéu, the Real Madrid’s stadium. It is one of the most visited places in the city, with more than 1 million visitors a year.

Check these before the event

Igor Vinogradoff at IFEMA conference center

Sneak preview of the conference venue

Igor is the Airbus event manager and he visited the fabulous conference venue in Madrid already.

Watch his video greeting outside the IFEMA conference center!



Experts on mission critical webinar series

Expertise and foresight to inspire you

Take a look at what the future holds when adopting broadband for professional and mission-critical communications. Watch an episode or two of the webinar series “Experts on mission critical"!

You will learn about a variety of opportunities that lie in the future of critical communications.

Airbus at CCW 2019

Remember the CCW 2019?

Can you spot familiar faces in the CCW 2019 photo gallery and highlights video?

Get answers from these four demo spots

Fireman cooperating with police officer

Smarter teamwork

How to communicate more effectively as teams? How to share the right data with the right people in a secure way? How to share the status of tasks as teams, so everyone knows when it's their time to step in/contribute?

Discover why Tactilon Agnet is the right choice for smarter teamwork.

Police officer using a smartphone

Actionable intelligence now

How to gather data from various sources in a secure way? How to transform that data into actionable intelligence? What does mission-critical IoT mean? What are the use cases?

Learn how Tactilon Agnet can increase your team's efficiency and safety on the field, thanks to its integration possibilities.


Sustainable structures

How to be smart about sustainability?

Sustainability will be a focus point on Airbus stand in CCW 2021. For example the structures of the stand will be reused after the event. 

The mission- and business critical services should be sustainable as well. Hybrid set-ups can can give the best ROI with TB4 hybrid base stations, Taira for broadband, and Tactilon Agnet EPC integrations.

Medical professional sharing video from the scene

Intelligent connectivity

How can all users have the same information in hands wherever they go and whatever device they carry? How can one use broadband communications in remote areas not covered by commercial broadband?

They need to flexibly move from one environment to another and continue to use the mission-critical services.

What does mission critical user experience mean? Learn where the mission critical user experience is heading in the next five years – watch this webinar episode.

Masterclass presentations

See these recommended presentations on 3 November in Masterclasses: 

  • Control rooms - Managing the transition to broadband with Minna Rönkkö, Airbus
  • TETRA industry group with Philippe Chantal, Airbus
  • Security and cybersecurity with Mika K. Laitinen, Airbus
  • Broadband industry with Ali Helenius, Airbus
  • Interworking with Tapio Savunen, Airbus

Agenda highlights

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10:45–11:15 THU

The Spanish path towards a mission critical broadband network

Enrique Belda, Spanish Ministry of Interior
During this session you'll learn about the management of the Spanish PPDR Network nationwide, the migration upgrade from TDM to IP and the projects around broadband solutions.
12:00–12:45 THU

Panel discussion: beyond standardization. How do we get this to be a reality for adoption?

Panellists include Giancarlo Santini from Airbus
This panel discussion will explore the progression of paper standards into adoptable solutions. For example, how do we progress from standards to implementation and adoption via development, testing, certification.
12:15–12:45 THU

Krivat concept: the collaboration platform for companies and authorities

Jouni Honkanen, Erillisverkot, Finland
During this session you'll learn about the Finnish way for establishing a shared situational awareness environment for strategic decision making, enhancing national resilience through public-private information sharing and enabling cooperation in disaster recovery situations, between competing companies.
12:15–13:00 THU

Panel discussion: International cooperation in the Nordics today and in the future

Panellists include Jarmo Vinkvist, Virve and Ronny Harpe, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB
This discussion will focus on how Nordic cooperation has been established and how it will evolve with broadband in the future. It will also explore current challenges and how these are being addressed.
13:00–14:30 THU

Panel discussion: The sky's the limit! High-speed internet from space is going into operation. What is in it for critical communications?

Panellists include Antti Kauppinen, Erillisverkot
This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of space-based connectivity.
14:30–15:00 THU

Hybrid network infrastructures under test: BDBOS Broadband Task Force's findings

Gerald Bedürftig, German Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS)
BDBOS, which currently is operating the largest TETRA network, would like to share its findings after testing a hybrid broadband network infrastructure with two major providers in Germany.
16:45–17:15 THU

Why a professional apps ecosystem is essential

Niklas Lagerblom, Airbus
Public safety and other professional are increasingly ready for secure, professional and even cloud-based apps to be part of their operations. This is one of the notable trends revealed by Airbus’ latest survey into the professional apps market. Join this session and you'll learn what else the survey found.
10:30–11:00 FRI

A process to change laws to enable critical broadband

Jarmo Vinkvist, Virve
In this presentation, the process of how to achieve required legal changes to enable critical broadband in the light of Virve 2 will be presented, together with the changes and their justification.
11:00–11:30 FRI

The challenge of implementing a multi-operator core network in Belgium after 20 years of TETRA

Christophe Grégoire, ASTRID
In this presentation, ASTRID will explain its roadmap for transitioning from the use of TETRA to a multi-operator core network.
14:45–15:30 FRI

Panel discussion: Spectrum, the power of future?

Panellists include Renaud Mellies, French Ministry of Interior ad Luz Fernandes del Rosal, BDBOS
This panel will start a discussion about how to bring public safety spectrum requirements in the policymaking process and which international developments might be of interest for the public safety community.
15:00–15:45 FRI

Panel discussion: Planning AI futures. How to make the right decision, and progressing to 5G/6G

Panellists include Antti Kauppinen, Erillisverkot
This panel discussion will focus on what applications or AI solutions may be in use by law enforcement organisations and what will be the implications for communications networks. What capability do providers have to support advanced apps/AI, and what are the applications that are coming that require 5G/6G?
15:00–15:45 FRI

Panel discussion: Planning AI futures. How to make the right decision and progressing to 5G/6G

Panellists include Catalin Gheorghiu, Airbus