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15-17 May | Messe Berlin ExpoCenter City | Berlin


Critical Communications World 2018 is a chance to see the latest innovations in the mission-critical market.

Join Airbus at this event and catch a glimpse of the future of collaboration for professionals. Whether you are from the police, fire and rescue, healthcare, defence, transportation, energy, oil and gas, or industrial segment, you will learn about the possibilities that professional apps offer.

Hybrid solutions for mission critical and business critical use will be demonstrated, and you will see the latest Tactilon Dabat and Tactilon Agnet solutions.

Visit the Airbus stands C100, B90 and A70 (Hall 22a) at CCW 2018! Let’s discuss how you and your organization can benefit from hybrid solutions!

Best of CCW 2018

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Intelligence Shared

What are the future possibilities of emergency response with 360-degree cameras and live video streaming? 

What virtual reality could mean for you professionally - right now? 

Why Secure MVNO is your next smart move?


German police officer with Tactilon Dabat
Hybrid networks

What is the future of networks? How should the networks be evolving? What could be your next steps in network evolution?

Discover why Taira TETRA Server is the smart choice for secure radio communications.

Ambulance driver with TH1n TETRA radio
Public safety

How can a data-driven ambulance make an impact on emergency medical care? What are the three problems that everyone has with in-hospital communications – and how to solve them? 

Learn more about solutions for medical teams.

Tactilon Agnet solution brings secure group communication to your smart devices
Hybrid evolution

What’s the best way to evolve from TETRA and Tetrapol to hybrid networks and LTE? What are the most efficient steps? How can innovation ease the evolution?

Learn how Tactilon Agnet enables smart device users to become part of the professional world. Voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect.

Map application on Tactilon Dabat
Tactilon Dabat

Why is Tactilon Dabat essential for operations success? What are three tips about Tactilon Dabat that no-one can afford to miss? What are the possibilities that professional apps offer?





See all Airbus innovations on show - download our CCW stand leaflet.

Radio solutions from Airbus
Radio solutions

What are 3 secrets about radios? How can you get more from your radios? How can radios go hybrid?

Get your hands on handy TETRA and Tetrapol devices: TPH900 handheld, and more. Or find the best radio accessories for your needs.

See also Tactilon Dabat - the hybrid device from Airbus.

Chinese police officer with Tactilon Dabat hybrid device
Infra management

What should an operator think about controlling service quality? How to solve the new challenges in the hybrid environment? Why service quality is something to think about today?

Tactilon Dabat hybrid device with professional apps
Apps ecosystem

What are the possibilities that professional apps offer? What are the brilliant ways to use indoor positioning, alerting, video streaming and other solutions?

Discover the possibilities at CCW by visiting the Application Ecosystem – a special exhibition area near the Airbus stands. On each of three days we will be demonstrating three different applications.

Airbus customers and partners at the Congress
DAY 1 – 15 MAY 2018

9:30 BDBOS Tactical Day: how to manage large scale events – Dr Barbara Held, BDBOS

9:30 Keys to successful public private partnerships and the implementation of MNO based critical communications –
Antti Kauppinen, Head of Department,
Mobile Technology Development and Strategy,
State Security Networks Group, Finland

12:30 Experiences of long term power outage in North-East of Finland – 
Harri Virtanen, Head of Department, Customer Management and End User Support States Security Networks Group

14:30 More through put in the national TETRA network -
Christine Reinemann, Division TI3 - Standardisation and Service Development, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

15:30 Real time monitoring: an overview - 
Oliver Funke, Division TI2 - Planning and Architecture, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

16:00 Subscriber Management in Germany: Development Status and Capabilities -
Michael Markwirth, Division TI1 - General Architecture, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

DAY 2 – 16 MAY 2018

Stream A
16:00 The use of mobile hybrid TETRA and LTE – 
Andreas Wack, Lieutenant Colonel and Project Manager,
German Armed Forces

Stream B
13:45 Mega events: hope for the best, prepare for the worst 
Mr. Zhou Xiaobin, Department Chief,
Industry and Information Technology Commission of
Guangzhou Municipality

Stream C
12:00 Global panel: broadband for PPDR  
Minna Nyman, Head of Rakel & Command and Control Systems Office, MSB

16:00 TETRA in the SCADA systems and challenges in CLP Power 
Terrance Lai, Senior Telecommunications
Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

DAY 3 – 17 MAY 2018
Plenary session
9:00 Modernising the largest TETRA network – 
Thomas Scholle, Technology Director, BDBOS

Stream A
12:00 Mission critical broadband via service operator – 
Timo Lehtimäki, CEO, State Security Networks Group, Finland

13:30 Panel discussion: 5G network slicing 
Jurgen Rurainsky, Head of the international Standardisation Team, BDBOS

Stream C 
12:30 Panel discussion: operators hybrid networks 
Marc De Buyser, CEO, A.S.T.R.I.D;
Guy Duplaquet, Ministère de l’intérieur
Mobile apps survey report 2018 cover

Mobile apps in mission-critical environments

Do you want to be on top of the trends in professional apps? Download the report on the results of the third Airbus survey on mobile apps - "Users look for secure professional apps"