CCW 2022

21-23 June, Vienna, Austria (Airbus booth A120)

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of mission-critical broadband? Or how you can get started? Meet the Airbus experts face-to-face at this event. Learn more about building a smart roadmap from TETRA to 4G/5G broadband — download this NEW whitepaper:

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Critical Communications World

The most significant event of the year for any critical communications expert – Critical Communications World, CCW 2022 – was a chance to see the latest innovations in the mission-critical market.

At the booth A120, Airbus experts were ready to guide you on the evolution of critical communications, and give you practical examples.

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How to get to the Messe Wien conference center?

From the City

If you choose to travel with Vienna U-Bahn/ metro, stop at the U2 Messe Prater or U2 Krieau. The exit is close to the venues main entrance.

From the Airport

Vienna International Airport is only 20 minutes away by taxi. Alternatively there is an airport bus which will take you to Messe Wien (Foyer D) in 30 minutes.

By Car

Messe Wien is also easily reachable by car as there are more than 4,000 parking spaces available in the immediate vicinity.

Useful tips for your stay in Vienna

Vienna, the capital of the Republic of Austria, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Vienna is filled with historical sightseeing opportunities, fabled collections of art, glittering and exceptional musical heritage. Whether you're looking for great places to visit in Vienna for a single day, or multiple things to do over several days, you'll have plenty of choices in this elegant city.  

Schönbrunn Palace

The spectacular 18th-century Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn)  is worth visiting not only for its magnificent architecture, but also for its UNESCO World Heritage Site park and garden. As one of Vienna's top tourist attractions, this beautiful Baroque palace contains more than 1,441 rooms and apartments, including those once used by Empress Maria Theresa.

The Demel

Vienna has also many places for food lovers. One of the most interesting ones is eating at The Famous Demel. Founded in 1786, the famous Demel is not only the oldest café and bakery in Vienna, it's perhaps the most memorable food experience you'll have in this wonderful city. Officially known as Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel – shortened to "Demel" by those in the know – this exquisite café serves dishes and cakes carefully prepared by hand to traditional centuries-old recipes.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

For more than six centuries the seat of the Habsburgs – and the official residence of every Austrian ruler since 1275 – the Hofburg is perhaps the most historically significant of Vienna's palaces. The official seat of the Austrian President, this sprawling complex consists of numerous buildings reflecting various periods, including architectural flourishes from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo movements.  Its main attractions are the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection, while other notable sites within the complex include the Imperial Chapel (Burgkapelle) and the Hofburg Treasury with its large collection of Imperial regalia and relics of the Holy Roman Empire.





Two Airbus winners

Airbus wins two prizes during ICC Awards at CCW 2022 Vienna:

Tactilon Agnet 500 MCX solution for "Best MCX Solution of the Year"
Learn more about Tactilon Agnet 500

Critical communications innovative usage during Dubai World Expo for "Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety"
Learn more about Dubai World Expo

Photos from CCW 2022

See some favorite moments from Critical Communications World 2022, Vienna. Can you spot any familiar faces?

Get answers from these eight demo spots

IoT for public safety

Discover why public safety organizations should be interested in IoT and AI right now.

What can IoT and wearable solutions bring to professional users? How to integrate IoT sensors in mission-critical networks? How to provision users and rights efficiently and en masse?

Learn more – watch this webinar: "IoT and AI – never before seen opportunities for public safety".

Intelligent connectivity

What are the possibilities of increased availability of information, data sharing, automated workflows and alerts?

On this demo spot, you'll learn practical examples how Tactilon Agnet allows secure exchange of information for seamless integration between third party applications and Tactilon Agnet.

Mission-critical broadband

How to plan your migration from narrowband radio communications to 4G/5G mission critical broadband -

What is the best way to migrate your TETRA or Tetrapol network to broadband? What are the most efficient steps?

Build a smart roadmap for your TETRA migration: Download new white paper and avoid the most common mistakes

Or learn how TB4 hybrid base station offers TETRA evolution towards 4G/5G. Download the datasheet, or watch the video!

Mission-critical user experience

On this demo spot, you'll discover practical examples in tailoring your smartphone for working

  • in a noisy environment
  • in an explosion-prone area
  • in an undercover operation.

Discover how to use your smartphone as you would use your radio.

Learn more - watch this webinar: “Where is the mission critical user experience heading in the next five years.”

Hybrid dispatching

How could control rooms be better informed, and thus send more accurate help to the scene? How to benefit from AI, multimedia and video sharing in dispatching? 

Learn how you can migrate your RCS dispatching solution into broadband communications. Thanks to Tactilon Agnet 800, the control room can talk or exchange messages with people who carry a TETRA radio and also a smartphone.

Tactilon Agnet Services

How to save time and minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband capabilities into your organization -

Tactilon Agnet Services will guide you and help you safeguard against blind spots. 

Find the service that’s right for you – start by taking a 2-minute quiz! Or let us know how we can help you.

Super connectivity

How can you stay super connected while on the move between TETRA network coverage and broadband access?

And discover a NEW experience when moving in and out of your vehicle while communicating on your smart device! Get the details on Ergo Plugin for Tactilon Dabat download the datasheet.

Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity (SC) is designed for professionals who need to make sure they stay connected. They can rely on three networks: the TETRA network and a choice of private or public LTE network. The device will also know which of the broadband networks to prefer.

The satellite view

How to improve situational awareness with satellite images? How to stay in contact with your team members, however far away they are?

Pléaides Neo is the most advanced optical constellation image services and lets you see the details of objects as small as 30 cm. Imagine the possibilities!

Learn how to use Tactilon Agnet and Satcom Systems from Airbus together. Make PTT calls or stream live video from anywhere – even when there is no 3G/4G/5G network available! Learn more – watch the video!

Extend your communications

Bring TETRA or Tetrapol to your smartphone

Many organizations are moving from narrowband radio to mission-critical broadband communications, MCPTT. They have the existing legacy communication system, and they may have a broadband system. It makes sense to have the existing and the new system working together, at least for a while.

Thanks to Tactilon Agnet and PMR gateway, organizations can connect smartphone users and radio users in interoperable groups. This means that you only need to carry one device and you could still take part in the communications related to an operation. Learn more watch this video!

Seamless interoperability

Watch this video, and you'll learn how you can connect smartphone users and radio users in interoperable groups.

Get your copy of the whitepaper

How to migrate from TETRA to 4G/5G broadband and avoid the most common mistakes!


Agenda highlights

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13:30–14:15 TUE

Panel discussion: How can we incorporate future technologies into our operations?

Panellists include Antti Kauppinen, Suomen Erillisverkot

This panel discussion will cover how we can incorporate innovative, cutting-edge critical communications solutions into mission critical operations. It will discuss which solutions can be used to optimise operations and improve safety.

It will include real life cases of how technologies have been incorporated, including the processes and funding required to push the solutions into reality.

13:30–15:00 TUE

Focus forum: International collaboration

Speakers include Jarmo Vinkvist, Suomen Erillisverkot and Dr.Lt.Col. Hamad Khalifa Al Nuaimi, Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarter

Nationwide developments or updates of their critical communications systems are at different stages around the world. However, it is imperative that challenges, obstacles and successes are shared across international borders, so that national authorities and operators can learn from each other.

14:00–15:00 TUE

Panel discussion: How to get broadband services up and running: testing and certification

Panellists include Kari Junttila, Suomen Erillisverkot, Renaud Mellies, French Ministry of Interior and Steven Wyckaert, ASTRID
Activating critical broadband end-to-end services over 4G/5G is a new world for the entire critical communications community.

Those that are responsible for testing and verifying the services are facing new challenges continuously. Many of those topics are likely common cross critical broadband projects throughout the world.

In this panel session the leading experts are called together to share their experiences, solutions, but as well as difficulties.
14:15–15:00 TUE

Panel discussion on climate change

Panellists include Katariina Salmisalo, Suomen Erillisverkot

We are in the midst of a climate crisis and every industry around the world must take massive steps to change the way we work to minimise harmful emissions. We can use technology to reduce our carbon footprint and to help organisations and Governments meet their net-zero commitments.

This panel will discuss just some of the ways new and evolving solutions can aid in managing the threats of climate change.

In addition, real-life examples of mission-critical solutions will demonstrate how lives can be saved in extreme weather and environmental events.

15:15–17:30 TUE

Focus forum: TETRA - a technology in continuous evolution

Speakers include Ari Toivonen, Suomen Erillisverkot and Tapio Savunen, Airbus

This session will focus on how TETRA technology is evolving to address the new challenges and demands posed by end users and the market in general.

15:30–16:15 TUE

Panel Discussion: How can public safety benefit from internet of life saving things?

Panellists include Samuel Gustafsson, Airbus

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the potential to connect up billions of devices around the globe. Connecting up sensors to monitor all kinds of equipment across the IoT gives tremendous advantages in providing data about smart buildings, smart cities, tracking, monitoring and utilities. With this data, machine learning can provide key insights into the operation of these systems, optimising their performance and even predicting when they will need maintenance.

This panel discussion will expand on the benefits of using IoT, as well as how LPWAN (low power wide area networking) is one of the key technologies for connecting up devices.

16:30–17:15 TUE

Panel Discussion: Secure cloud based solutions

Panellists include Mika Nieminen, Suomen Erillisverkot and Mika Myllymäki, Airbus
Selecting optimal, secure cloud based solutions is essential in the future development of broadband service evolution. The panellists will discuss the different options available, and how to make the appropriate selections.
12:00–12:30 WED

“We are one already” – benefits and challenges of cross-connected networks in the Nordics moving to broadband

Jarmo Vinkvist, COO & Virve Operator, Suomen Erillisverkot
All Nordic countries are moving to critical broadband, albeit in somewhat differing time schedules.

Norway-Sweden-Finland TETRA networks are connected and cross-border operations are becoming more and more important by the day. The cooperation has to continue smoothly now and throughout the transition. This requires multi-national planning, preparation as well as regulation – including the potential impact of legislation.

Nordic experts will share how this being tackled, what has been identified so far and what is the plan forward.
12:00–13:00 WED

Panel Discussion: How to get broadband services up and running: what are the obstacles and challenges?

Panellists include Ronny Harpe, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB and Kari Juntilla, Suomen Erillisverkot

Headline presentations from Government authorities from around the world, to describe their nationwide communications programmes. The short presentations will be followed by an interactive panel discussion so that you can ask your questions.

13:30–17:30 WED

Focus forum: Mission critical broadband

Speakers include Steven Wyckaert, ASTRID and Sandor Sipos, Airbus

This in-depth focus forum will address the challenges and possible solutions for moving to mission critical broadband.

13:45–14:15 WED

Private LTE 450 MHz for oil and gas remote wells

Speakers include Abdullah Alanazi, IT Project Manager, Aramco

As part of Saudi Aramco’s ambitious digital transformation plan, Saudi Aramco intends to establish a secure and reliable LTE-based private wireless network platform that will support various digital use cases and mission critical applications in order to increase productivity and enhance safety at oil and gas remote wells.

This session will cover:

  • Private LTE roadmap in Saudi Arabia
  • Private LTE architecture for mission critical requirements
  • Private LTE 450 MHz mission critical use cases (group communication, IT, & OT)
  • Well sites P-LTE coverage/performance test
14:00–14:30 WED

Fostering innovation for mission-critical broadband

Thomas Scholle, Head of Directorate Strategy and Central Management, BDBOS

During this session, you'll learn:

  1. About BDBOS’ participation in the Funding Program Project KoPa_45, including background information, the timeline, challenges and the Broadband Testbed
  2. The project supports the development of new network technologies for 5G and 6G, digital sovereignty and advancement of European standardisation for PPDR.
  3. The projects highlights and areas of interest include integration/interoperability of different systems/vendors for MCx services, control room software, network, application, mobile device and subscriber management, broadband device-to-device communications, among others.
14:00–15:00 WED

PANEL DISCUSSION: Critical communications from an MNO perspective

Panellists include Jarmo Vinkvist, Suomen Erillisverkot
This session, comprised of short 'teaser' presentations and a longer panel discussion will discuss how MNOs can work with Government authorities, public safety and non-PPDR organisations to drive forward the future of critical communications.
15:30–17:30 WED

GAGV: Critical communications updates from around the world

Panellists include Jo Dewaele, ASTRID, Viktor Kohári, Pro-M, Hungary, Renaud Mellies, French Ministry of Interior and Ari Toivonen, Suomen Erillisverkot

Headline presentations from Government authorities from around the world, to describe their nationwide communications programmes.

The short presentations will be followed by an interactive panel discussion so that you can ask your questions.

16:00–16:30 WED

The impact of LTE towards safe city in Abu Dhabi

Dr.Lt.Col. Hamad Khalifa Al Nuaimi, Head of Telecommunications division, Information Technology Center, Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarter
10:15–11:00 THU

Panel Discussion: Tetra Apps

Panellists include Niklas Lagerblom, Airbus
This panel will discuss innovative ways TETRA users are getting more out of their TETRA solutions with TETRA data features and apps. It will showcase many real world practical solutions from alerting to industrial automation, oil and gas to first responders, apps on radio to better location information, and much more.

Hear about how using TETRA data and apps can improve your operations, and how to leverage your TETRA from voice to data benefits.
10:45–11:45 THU

Non terrestrial networks for critical communications

Speakers include Renaud Mellies, French Ministry of Interior and Ali Helenius, Airbus

This focused session on non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) will provide updates on:

  • Requirements and main use cases of NTN for critical comms
  • Satcom industry developments
  • Architecture comparison
  • HAPS for mission critical
  • Sustainability challenge
  • Comparison of satcom solutions (GEO, MEO, LEO) vs critical comms
  • Challenges with GEO solutions
  • Benefits of LEO solutions
  • NTN terminals
  • NTN white paper from TCCA/CCBG
10:45–11:45 THU

Updates from SFPG: Security measures in critical communications

Panellists include Mika Laitinen, Airbus
As communications technology evolves, so does the urgent need to protect the information being transmitted. This focused session will consist of high-level presentations and discussions around the latest developments in security in both TETRA and 3GPP technologies.
11:15–11:45 THU

Two concepts – one mission: Erillisverkot & Nedaa mission critical broadband commonalities and differences based on experiences

Ari Toivonen, Suomen Erillisverkot
Two leading public safety organisations have shared mission critical broadband projects: the Finnish Virve 2 and Nedaa broadband service in Dubai. The Erillisverkot, Finland concept relies on commercial MNO radio access whereas Nedaa, UAE has a dedicated concept.

In this presentation similarities and differences are identified and discussed upon the practical experiences gained.
12:00–13:30 THU

Non Terrestrial Networks: integrating NTNs with terrestrial networks

Panellists include Antti Kauppinen, Suomen Erillisverkot
Satellite services are becoming more and more important in the daily life of our first responders. This panel will discuss how satellite services can be integrated with current terrestrial networks to help drive critical communications forward.
12:15–14:00 THU

GAGV: Critical communications updates from around the world

Speakers include Luz Fernandez del Rosal, BDBOS and Jose Isidro Torreblanca, Ministry of Interior, Spain

Headline presentations from Government authorities from around the world, to describe their nationwide communications programmes.

The short presentations will be followed by an interactive panel discussion so that you can ask your questions.

12:30–14:00 THU

Focus forum: Future technologies

Speakers include Ari Toivonen, Suomen Erillisverkot

This Focus Forum course will include presentations from members of the TCCA Future Technologies Group and will cover the up and coming developments in adjacent technologies that are likely to have relevance or impact on critical communications.

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