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The Unique Collaboration Solution for Turnarounds

The future calls for change: As the air transportation industry confronts unprecedented challenges, balancing meeting air travel growth with environmental sustainability, we are propelled towards adopting revolutionary, next-generation solutions. We are redefining air travel standards, marking the end of old practices.


Ground operations reveal the complexity and mutual reliance among entities, where a single inefficiency can derail overall performance.

Disruptions in ground operations negatively affect passenger loyalty, air traffic flow management and the environment, while also causing delays that lead to considerable additional costs.


New ways of working require a new communication solution. Agnet® Turnaround optimises turnaround operations. This next generation solution meets the specific and complementary needs of airports and ground handlers in this complex operation.

We are the bridge to the future of turnaround operations.

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Get the Benefits of its Unique Features


Direct communication 

Smart groups,
Instant communication,
Reaching the right people.

Efficiency anywhere, anytime.




Real-time awareness

Live monitoring,
Progress tracking,
Increased predictability,
Better planning.

Effortless control at your fingertips.




Automatic alerts,
Automatic group creation,
Automatic task assignment,
Automatic workflow status,

Peace of mind, automated.



Revolutionize turnaround with optimal collaboration


Reduce workload with automation text


Automating processes, generating reports, and addressing irregularities help the team stay focused on their tasks.

Increase operational efficiency


Connect instantly with the right person using this innovative communication solution. Skip the search process, save time, and get straight to the point!

Elevate information awareness


Track your operations live to respond faster, plan smarter, and improve foresight for a smoother path ahead.



Manage outstation operations


Global access, zero distance limits. Oversee your operations and connect directly with anyone, anywhere.

Reduce costs of labor


Real-time insights ensure you are immediatly aware of any issues, enabling prompt interventions to mitigate extra costs and team overtime.

Increase collaboration


Automated reporting simplifies administrative efforts and improves operational transparency, leading to a better cooperation with airlines.


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Airbus, a trusted partner

Over 2 million users across 300+ networks rely on Airbus daily for their communication needs.

Combining critical communications expertise with aeronautical mastery, Airbus merges its finest strenghts to deliver a tailored solution targetting every facet of ground operations.

Airbus aims to boost the performance and satisfaction of turnaround teams.

Our application perfectly aligns with the evolving needs of ground crews and their management, ensuring a scalable and easy deployment.


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