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    Enrich your applications with mission critical features. SmarTWISP helps you integrate, develop and launch applications and accessories to the critical communications market. 

Your application into the mission critical environment?

SmarTWISP is Airbus's free application development program for businesses looking for new opportunities. SmarTWISP helps businesses design, build and sell cutting edge solutions for mission and business critical markets. 

The professional communication market has evolved towards broadband. Your mobile app or accessory could be interesting in this market.

Improve current solutions with professional communication functions or develop something totally new and find new markets with SmarTWISP developer program.


Untapped potential for innovation

Enrich current solutions with Tactilon Agnet

Add-on efficiency

Tactilon Agnet is a secure group communication solutions for critical communication users.

Could your solution be a right choice for critical communication users? External features can be integrated into Tactilon Agnet through new platform APIs 

The core of Tactilon Agnet is to share the right data with the right people. Tactilon Agnet enables users e.g. to manage their competences in real-time on the map and let the staff communicate in secure without additional radio devices. Integrating external data sources with Tactilon Agnet enables multiple new ways to increase team's efficiency and safety on the field.  

Backend API

Tactilon Agnet backend API allows secure exhange of information for seamless integration of third party applications and Tactilon Agnet.

From the SmarTWISP portal you can find API keys, authentication credentials and documentation.

For the Agnet 800 TETRA integrations, APIs are available from the TWISP partner program.

Examples of features:

  • IoT sensor reporting to Tactilon Agnet
  • Proximity based emergency alert
  • Alerting from 3rd party alerting system




Client API

Tactilon Agnet Client API allows third-party applications and accessories to communicate with Tactilon Agnet Android client software by using Android broadcasts (Intents).

Third-party solutions are able to send and receive Tactilon Agnet client events e.g. PTT actions, group changing and more.

Current features:

  • Push-To-Talk handling
    External solution is able to handle Tactilon Agnet Push-to-Talk functionality.
  • Group Changing
    Gives an ability to change currently selected talk group.
  • Emergency Start
    Through the API is possible to trigger on Tactilon Agnet emergency mode

Integration possibilities


Mapping integrations

By integrating Tactilon Agnet with current enterprise solutions one can easily track and efficiently utilize their assets.

Possible features:

  • Creation of points of interest (POIs) based on maintenance requests.
  • Integrating workforce management with Tactilon Agnet allows operators to follow where specific competencies are currently located.
  • Customizing operational statuses to track tasks and on-going processes.




Integrate smart devices

Integrate external gear with Tactilon Agnet.
  • In demanding circumstances, it is essential for users to use devices with gloves on. Tactilon Agnet can be integrated with external protective gear. 
  • Tactilon Agnet is ready to be integrated with hard Push-To-Talk-devices and other smart accessories.

Integrate external data sources

Bring the right data for the right users
  • Use data more efficiently when integrating external data sources with Tactilon Agnet.
  • The current traffic situation data, weather forecast or other external data can be delivered to organisations use in no time with seamless data integration.

Apps and accessories for Tactilon Dabat

Create life-saving applications for police, firefighters and healthcare professionals

Hybrid device

Tactilon Dabat is the revolutionary two-in-one professional device for mission critical users.

Tactilon Dabat brings TETRA and public safety 4G/5G available in one device. It has a large Android ecosystem and API for TETRA service - a perfect fit for your app or accessory.

Certify your apps or accessory through the SmarTWISP certification program, and scale your market potential to Airbus customers in 80 countries.

Learn more about Tactilon Dabat

Tactilon Dabat



Third party apps and accessories can use the PMR API interface to send and receive status and SDS-4 messages as well as receive/monitor network and call signal information.


  • Messaging
    Third-party application is able to send and receive status and SDS-4 messages.
  • Network status
    Third-party application is able to monitor network status of the Tactilon Dabat Hybrid smartphone.
  • Call status
    Third-party application is able to monitor call status of the Tactilon Dabat Hybrid smartphone.

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Why start developing mission-critical, professional apps?

Airbus offers its SmarTWISP partners different sales channels from public exhibitions to sales catalogues.

On this video: Five developers give their reasons for joining the SmarTWISP program.

Ecosystem is all about partnerships and co-operation.

On this video: The 5th edition of the Critical App Challenge in Stockholm. 


The easiest way for potential customers to find you and your solution is to get it into the Airbus Applications Catalogue or Accessory Catalogue.

Get your solution certified and get in front of Airbus' global customer base in 80 countries.

Catalogues currently include over twenty professional apps and several accessories from SmarTWISP partners. 




Success story

Secapp's road to the Middle East market started with in SmarTWISP, in the Airbus apps ecosystem.


Read the whole story here



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