Tactilon Dabat

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Tactilon Dabat

One device for full critical connectivity

Tactilon Dabat is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. 

Android features and special design for radio use make Tactilon Dabat a smart, strong and secure device for public safety. It will help organisations to save time, money and resources - and lives.

  • Use it as a TETRA radio for critical communications
  • Use it as a smartphone for mobile applications and special professional apps.


Award-winning product

Tactilon Dabat - a champion

  • Winner of the Intersec Award 2018 in the category of “Innovative Security Product of the Year” i
  • Winner in the category of "Best evolution to future broadband" in the International Critical Communications Awards 2018.

The industry-first hybrid device


Multitask on a big and bright screen – Long-life changeable battery

Advanced applications are right at your fingertips on a large display and you can enjoy the power of its long-life changeable battery.


Hear others loud and clear – Even in heavy rain

Communicate clearly even in heavy rain with a microphone and speaker which are both voice-optimized and waterproof.

Radio and smartphone

Push-to-talk – Touch to message

Communicate with your team instantly with the push-to-talk or touch-to-message options built into one and the same device.

See where they are

Map out your team – in all situations

See the real-time locations of your team members on screen and share yours by pushing only one button in emergency situations.

Hybrid roaming

One of the best examples of LTE, TETRA and an app working together

The Hybrid Roaming solution in Tactilon Dabat means that the user will be able to communicate as long as there is either TETRA or LTE network service available. This solution is one of the best examples of LTE, TETRA and an application working together.

With the Tactilon Agnet application, Tactilon Dabat can automatically move from using the TETRA network to using an LTE broadband network or vice versa.

In other words, users are not restricted to stay within TETRA coverage.

Bridge between TETRA and broadband

Click on the photo to see the Hybrid Roaming video:


The story

Let's face it. TETRA radios have stayed incredibly similar to what they were 15 years ago, when they were first brought into use.

There have been improvements, of course. Some radios are lighter and smaller. Some are more robust. Some have large colour displays. Their design and ergonomics may have improved and they deliver more TETRA features. However, the devices are essentially the same.

All this time, consumer devices have been completely transformed. Smart devices are completely different from the mobile phones that were introduced 15 years ago.

The contrast between the professional radio and the smart device of today has led to more and more people using both for work.

Two devices instead of just the professional radio.

Two devices are not better than one

It’s good to carry both a radio and a smartphone because one can, almost, be a backup for the other. But there are drawbacks.

  • Two devices means you have to keep them both charged and in working order
  • Two devices weigh more than one
  • Information cannot move easily or securely from the radio to the smartphone and back
  • Two devices also means two separate earphones - where’s your third ear for listening to your customers?  
  • And what if there’s a call on both devices at the same time? Which one will you respond to first?

One device that is better than two

Tactilon Dabat eliminates the drawbacks of carrying two devices. It combines the functions of a mission-critical radio and a smartphone into a single device.


Find out more

Improves situational awareness

See how teams can use Tactilon Dabat to communicate effectively. They can see and share the real-time locations of the team on a screen map. They can take snapshots and share their view from the scene.

Made for purpose

What happened to the man on the street? Both the TETRA radio and the smartphone in Tactilon Dabat will support officers in their duties.This ground-breaking invention can change - and save - lives.

Effective communication between teams

One colleague is on foot, two are patrolling in a car, and a special forces unit is also involved. They need to communicate to be able to cooperate. Tactilon Dabat offers instant communications built into one device.


Managing your TETRA radios

Taqto 3 is the smart solution for managing and configuring
  • Tactilon Dabat
  • TETRA radios
  • TETRA data devices
  • TETRA Identity Modules (TSIM cards)
  • Tactilon Agnet

Saves time and money

Taqto 3 lets you manage thousands of radios with a single click. You can update their software, or set new parameters.
You no longer have to send the radios to a service point for updates. Taqto 3 works securely over an IP connection.

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Download specification

Tactilon Dabat in more details - download technical specification