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Innovative voice and data applications can deliver new and better ways of working for the users of critical radio communications. The TWISP programme from Airbus is designed to

  • help developers design and test their applications to better exploit the capabilities of today’s PMR networks, and
  • ensure that applications can be reliably implemented in a live network.

The TWISP provides the developers with support services ranging from training to testing and numerous things in between.

As part of the TWISP, Airbus also offers a certification service. A certified TWISP partner will receive a written report and an Application interface Integration Certificate (AIC) as an indication that the integration of the application interface has been successfully tested and verified by Airbus, to work correctly with an Airbus network.

The following TETRA network APIs are available for application developers:

If you are planning to develop mission critical applications that work on Airbus TETRA and/or Tetrapol networks, and if you are not a TWISP member yet, act now!


Once you've been accepted into TWISP programme, you can get access to all the tools to develop your mission-critical applications for Airbus networks.

Membership levels

The TWISP programme offers two membership levels — Silver and Gold.

Silver membership entitles you to access the documentation and all the TWISP services for one TETRA network API of your choice (Tactilon Management, RCS, TCS or MDG).

Gold membership gives you access to all TWISP services, including the certification service, for as many TETRA network APIs as you want. You will also get a discount on the service fees and some of the services will even be free of charge.

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Once your registration has been approved,
you will get access to all the tools to develop your mission-critical applications for Airbus networks.

Command and control application

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