Chef de projet technique pour des systèmes de radiocommunications sécurisées (PMR)

    Job Description:

    Un poste de Chef de projet technique pour des systèmes de radiocommunications sécurisées (PMR) (h/f) vient de s'ouvrir au sein de AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE pour son site de Elancourt (78).

    Ce poste nécessite une habilitation de sécurité ou nécessite d'être éligible à une habilitation par les autorités reconnues.

    Description du poste

    Développement de systèmes de radiocommunications sécurisées (à destination des forces de sécurité publique ou de grandes entreprises du secteur des transports et de l'industrie) de technologie Tetrapol ou Agnet (produits d'infrastructure, applis d'exploitation, terminaux, applications pour smartphone) au sein d'Airbus DS SLC (Secure Land Communications).

    Tetrapol est une technologie Airbus propriétaire équipant de nombreux réseaux nationaux dans le monde.

    Agnet est la marque Airbus pour sa toute nouvelle technologie de réseaux respectant le standard 3GPP "Mission Critical Systems" (MCX).


    Le chef de projet technique est en charge du développement des produits permettant de livrer des systèmes PMR à nos clients dans le respect de nos engaments clients (en contenu, en qualité, en coûts et en temps).

    Interactions multi-métiers (architecture système, développement logiciel / hardware, intégration et vérification) mais avec une forte composante logicielle

    Contexte international plus ou moins marqué selon les projets

    Nombreuses sous-traitances et partenariats

    Forte interaction avec nos comptes client (France, Suisse, Espagne, Mexique, …)

    Environnement cadré (par process C1 notamment –forte influence PMI-, méthode de développement en cycle en V par lots ou agile) et outillé (Jira, Confluence, MSP, EPM/UP, Clearquest, Poseidon, QualityCenter …)

    Principales compétences techniques attendues: connaissance des systèmes de radiocommunications (a minima de télécommunications) et des technologies IP; connaissance des métiers précédemment cités;

    Compétences personnelles: leadership, esprit structuré et synthétique, qualités d'organisation et de communication

    Langues: Français niveau négociation, excellent niveau en Anglais.


    The main objective is to manage Tetrapol Infrastructure/Terminal development or Agnet application projects at Airbus DS SLC (Secure Land Communications).

    This position will require a security clearance or will require being eligible for clearance by the recognized authorities.

    Tetrapol is an Airbus DS SLC proprietary telecommunication technology. Airbus DS SLC design, develop and manufacture all the core products that constitute the Tetrapol solution: Core Network, network monitoring solution, the terminals. Agnet is Airbus DS SLC’s brand for its new telecommunication technology relying on 3GPP Mission Critical Systems standard.


    The Project Manager is in charge of the realization of related product projects to deliver Tetrapol / Agnet customer as per Tetrapol / Agnet Roadmap and Solution portfolio, on Quality, on Time, on Costs.

    He/She is responsible for the successful achievement of this project under the technical, schedule, performance, quality, financial aspects at the customer and stakeholders satisfaction, and as such, he co-ordinates and facilitates all activities by clear delegation of authority of the management given at C0 milestone.

    He/She will work in strong and close collaboration with Tetrapol Solution Business Manager based in France, Elancourt.

    As Project Manager, he/she is the Head of corresponding Projects Core Team:

    - He/she defines the detailed Projects plan from an approved Project scope and clear Technical Product / Solution requirements, and creates Projects WBS including all deliverables, inputs/outputs from/to other related Projects and/or Work Packages
    - During the development project execution, he/she ensure the good progress of the projects, manages the interface between the projects, Customer project (in strong coordination with the Product Manager), coordinates with other Projects related to the Solution, and has authority to define other interfaces, and maintains plans up to date.
    - He/she coordinates Project related internal activities and authorizes the start and stop of activities linked to the scope of work of the project at work package level,
    - With project stakeholders (product managers, line managers, sub-contractors...) and in line with Airbus DS SLC process, he/she builds up and presents for approval by the Product Decision Board (PDB), the project management plan which includes the business case, the scope, the schedule, the cost, the procurement plan, the new product introduction plan, the risks management, the quality assurance plan, the communication plan, the documentation and configuration management and the project core team compliant with the objectives of the project approved at the PDB.
    - He/she formally accepts and makes a commitment on the objectives of the project and he/she assigns the objectives for the project to project members.
    - He/she leads the project approved by the PDB: he leads the project core team and involves the relevant stakeholders, he/she carries out and updates the project management plan throughout the project life cycle (after C-0.5 up to C5) in order to reach the project objectives and to deliver work results.
    - He/she reports on the project in accordance with Airbus DS SLC processes (project follow-up review, project core team meeting minutes, weekly report on major achievements and main issues).
    - In case of project deviation, he/she proposes a project redirection review to the PDB.
    - On project closure, he/she ensures feedback through the project assessment.

    - He/she may support the SLC WPM Community about Project Management tools and processes 

    This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company’s success, reputation and sustainable growth.



    Contract Type:

    Permanent Contract / CDI / Unbefristet / Contrato indefinido

    Experience Level:

    Professional / Expérimenté(e) / Professionell / Profesional

    Job Family:

    Programme & Project Management <JF-PP-PM>

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