Secure Land Communications / Public Declarations of Conformity

    Public Declarations of Conformity

    Regulatory compliance information

    Here you find the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) documents stating the standards and safety regulations that Airbus / Secure Land Communications products adhere to.

    Click on the technology and category of your choice on the below list and you will be taken to the right collection of DoCs.

    TETRA infrastructure

    Line access - MGEM
    Line access - RCS9500
    Line access - XGear
    Radio access - TB4

    Radio access - TB3 380/410/450/800 - TB3S 380/410 -  TB3c 380/410/800 -  TB3p 380 - TB3hp 380/410/450/800 TETRA Base Stations
    Radio access - TB3hp/TB3p
    Switches - DXTA
    Switches - DXT3
    Switches - Taira
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    Tetrapol infrastructure

    Line access - RACK iLATC
    Line access - LCT Module
    Radio access - AG Radio
    Radio access - CDR
    Radio access - GATEPRO
    Radio access - IDR
    Radio access - MBS
    Radio access - VPW


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    Tetrapol tools

    Configuration - KMF
    Configuration - TPS
    Measurement - TRB
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