SPM-15 Remote Speaker Microphone for TH9

The SPM-15 remote speaker microphone is an additional accessory for Airbus TH9 and THR9i TETRA handheld radios.

A large push-to-talk button is easy and comfortable to use, even with gloves on. The SPM-15 speaker microphone also includes a function key which can be programmed with same functions as the duty key in the radio. It can be used for example as a second PTT for home group or sending a status message.

Red emergency key on top of the speaker microphone can be programmed to send user’s position information during an emergency call. The red key is physically protected againt accidential key presses to avoid false alarms.

SPM-15 provides clear, excellent audio quality which is essential in field operations and while working in noisy environments.

SPM-15 provides good user ergonomics. It is equipped with a 360° rotating clip with eight positions. User can easily select the best position for his personal preferences.

SPM-15 speaker microphone is designed for professional use. It is an IP67 classified device, meaning it can be used outdoor, even in pouring rain and in dusty environments.

SPM-15 includes

  • Large Push-to-Talk button on the side
  • Programmable function button
  • Button for Volume +
  • Button for Volume –
  • Emergency button
  • Spiral cable 50cm (extension up to 1.5m)
  • 3.5mm jack connector for earset (receiving audio).

Emergency button, function button and volume adjustment buttons are protected against accidental key presses.

Since terminal SW release 7.8 following functions are possible to be programmed for function button:

  • Call back request
  • Dispatcher Call
  • Home Group Call (2nd PTT)
  • Send Message
  • Send Status
  • Hi/Lo
  • No function


Sales code
Terminal TH9
Power Cable Type
Spiral Cable
Cable Length - Nominal (cm)
Cable Length - Extended (cm)
Connector Type
TH9 Side Accessory Connector
External Connectors
3.5mm Headphone Jack
Buttons \ Functions
Emergency Button, Programmable Key, PTT
IP Rating

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