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Airbus TETRA System

Airbus TETRA System provides mission-critical, secure communications for professionals on the move.

Claricor TETRA system

Claricor® TETRA system is the smart choice for secure radio communications.

Deployable TETRA system

The deployable TETRA system from Airbus is a complete radio communication network. Set it up on an industrial site or at a harbour - or even into a car - and people can communicate over radio.

Airbus Tetrapol network


Tetrapol MBS

Adopt the MBS Tetrapol base station for smooth introduction of broadband and IP services to complement Tetrapol voice.

Tactilon Secure MVNO

Tactilon Secure MVNO makes it possible for you to introduce broadband services based on commercial mobile operators’ services and to control the security of the communications and subscribers.