Taira TETRA Server

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Virtual TETRA core

Taira TETRA Server is the heart and brains of a TETRA network. Thanks to its server hardware, it is easier for you, and saves you money and time.

Taira TETRA Server is also a key building block for evolving TETRA networks to hybrid and broadband LTE. Therefore it delivers a future that you can trust.

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Technology that you can trust

Taira TETRA Server is the smart choice for secure radio communications. It offers the powerful features familiar from the ones that the DXTA TETRA Server delivers, from seamless group communications to one-to-one and broadcast calls; and from end-to-end encryption to a wide variety of privacy and security schemes.

The components of Taira TETRA Server can be installed into any 19-inch rack suitable for the setup and site.

Four powerful benefits

Easier for you

Familiar hardware. Thanks to the server hardware that is familiar from many deployments in the IT world, Taira TETRA Server is easy to set up and maintain. It offers the highest possible availability service when needed, with easy hot standby replacement.

Data center compatible. It can also be a natural part of you data center.

Easy configuration. The new graphical interface offers an easy and fast way to configure the network.

Saves you money

Saves energy and floor space. Taira TETRA Server is very compact in size, and this means that it requires less floor space. Smaller size also means less energy required to run it.

Cheaper to maintain. The fact that Taira uses standard hardware means that your maintenance personnel do not have to acquire extra competences.

For you, this means lower operational expenses.

Saves time

Taira TETRA Server is quick and easy to set up. Upon delivery, Taira can be ready for use in two hours.

Future you can trust

Taira TETRA Server is a key building block for evolving TETRA to hybrid and broadband/LTE networks. Therefore, it delivers a future that you can trust.

With smart broadband applications such as Tactilon Agnet and the ones available from the SmarTWISP app-developer community, you are ready to step right into your smart future.

What's more, Taira is completely scalable from a deployable, single-base-station site to nationwide networks. You can start small and expand as you need.

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