Customer Stories

These stories showcase our customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, enterprises, and various industries. They all need to communicate within teams and between them, and they need these solutions to be available, reliable, and secure.

State of Chihuahua, Mexico »

The security forces of Chihuahua state in Mexico have recently complemented their trusted Tetrapol voice and data network by secure, mobile broadband services delivered over the MXLINK service.

Region: Latin America and Mexico | Use case: Broadband, Police forces, Cities, municipalities and states

Munich Security Conference (MSC) »

Each February, the Munich Security Conference brings together more than 450 high profile decision-makers from around the world. Professional communications are key to the security of the event.

Region: Europe | Use case: Sporting and other events, Broadband

PRIORITY research project »

PRIORITY is a major project that will research, develop and trial critical communication solutions for authorities and remote businesses. A key target will be to complement existing mission critical voice and messaging services with broadband data capability, using commercial 4G and 5G wireless networks. 

Region: Europe | Use case: Broadband, Research projects

Guangzhou's hybrid network »

Guangzhou authorities in China are reaping the benefits from their hybrid network - the first hybrid public safety network in the APAC area and the first to have connected TETRA with 5G.

Region: China | Use case: Broadband, Police forces, Cities, municipalities and states

Dubai Government's shared communications network »

Dubai Government has set up a secure, shared radio communication system for critical public safety and private organizations. The organizations share the use of the network, and their privacy and security for the organizations is ensured.

Region: Middle-East | Use case: Fire services, Police forces, Nationwide communications

Airports Operations Control Centre, Dubai Airports »

The Airports Operations Control Centre (AOCC) is a focal point for Dubai airport operations. It oversees that everything runs smoothly, which is a huge task in one of the world's busiest airports. Thanks to professional communications, they are up for the task.

Region: Middle-East | Use case: Airports

Trolley management, Dubai Airports »

Dubai International airport (DXB) is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic: it supports 50,000,000 passengers and a vast amount of baggage every week. This is a huge task for Trolley Management staff. Their use of advanced hybrid communications has brought them many important benefits.

Region: Middle-East | Use case: Airports