Customer Stories

These stories showcase our customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, enterprises, and various industries. They all need to communicate within teams and between them, and they need these solutions to be available, reliable, and secure.

Learn how organizations and companies around the world use secure broadband communications and narrowband radio communication solutions to work more effectively and safely.

Dubai Government's shared communications network

Dubai Government has set up a secure, shared radio communication system for critical public safety and private organizations. The organizations share the use of the network, and their privacy and security for the organizations is ensured.
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Airports Operations Control Centre, Dubai Airports

The Airports Operations Control Centre (AOCC) is a focal point for Dubai airport operations. It oversees that everything runs smoothly, which is a huge task in one of the world's busiest airports. Thanks to professional communications, they are up for the task.
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Trolley management, Dubai Airports

Dubai International airport (DXB) is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic: it supports 50,000,000 passengers and a vast amount of baggage every week. This is a huge task for Trolley Management staff. Their use of advanced hybrid communications has brought them many...
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Customer service, Dubai Airports

Dubai International airport (DXB) is one of the world’s busiest airports. In 2019 alone, it served 50,000,000 passengers every week. This is a huge task for Dubai airport customer service, who is usually the first point of contact that passenger make when arriving at the airport. Thanks to...
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Formula One, Bahrain Grand Prix

Bahrain Grand Prix, officially known as the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is a Formula One Championship race in Bahrain. Professional communications support the security of this event – an Airbus system has been in use ever since the first race in 2004.
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Formula One, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Abu Dhabi Formula One races are massive public events, a fact which alone causes many requirements for security. Thanks to professional communications, their staff is in a good position to protect the expected 50,000 visitors during these three day events.
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Fire and rescue services, Dubai Airports

Dubai International airport (DXB) is one of the biggest airports in the world. It spreads over 2,900 hectares of land. 90,000 employees work there to serve up to 50 million passengers per week. Dubai Airport fire and rescue services have an important role in keeping everybody safe.
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State of Querétaro, Mexico

People living in Mexico’s state of Querétaro are among the safest in the country – and with 2,000,000 citizens to look after, keeping them that way is a tall order. To help achieve its mission and to increase peoples' trust in authorities, Querétaro state is adopting more collaborative ways of...
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