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Hybrid Roaming

Hybrid Roaming

One of the best examples of LTE, TETRA and an app working together

The Hybrid Roaming solution in Tactilon Dabat means that the user will be able to communicate as long as there is either TETRA or LTE network service available. This solution is one of the best examples of LTE, TETRA and an application working together.

With the Tactilon Agnet application, Tactilon Dabat can automatically move from using the TETRA network to using an LTE broadband network or vice versa.

In other words, users are not restricted to stay within TETRA coverage.

Let’s say that the user moves out of TETRA coverage. Tactilon Dabat will then gracefully and seamlessly switch to using the available broadband service for communications. The user does not have to select the network or manually change the mode. Communication services are seamlessly available for the user regardless of the network connection, thanks to the common user interface.

In effect, Hybrid Roaming increases the area where communications are available for the user. And the user does not have to think about or decide which network to use. She or he can concentrate on the current tasks.

Hybrid Roaming – the building blocks


Tactilon Dabat

Tactilon Dabat is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. Android features and special design for radio use make Tactilon Dabat a smart, strong and secure device for public safety. It will help organisations to save time, money and resources - and lives.

  • Use it as a TETRA radio for critical communications
  • Use it as a smartphone for mobile applications and special public safety apps.

Tactilon Agnet 800

Tactilon Agnet brings secure group communication to your smart devices. Smartphone users can be part of professional communications. Staff necessary to an operation can communicate together easily and in a secure, controlled way even when some use smartphones and others carry TETRA radios.

Hybrid network

A hybrid TETRA+broadband network is a cost-effective approach for PMR evolution. Users can continue with TETRA voice and data and introduce mobile broadband services step-by-step. These services can be based on a dedicated broadband network, commercial services with Secure MVNO, or a combination of the two.

Airbus TETRA System Release 7 supports the hybrid network approach and the Hybrid Roaming feature.

Unique, hybrid solution

Bridge between TETRA and broadband

This is the first integrated solution for PMR over LTE.

Even though there are several other devices capable of using either TETRA or LTE broadband access, they force the user to perform many manual selections when switching between networks.

Any manual action takes the user’s focus from the operational tasks at hand. This is one of the reasons why the Hybrid Roaming solution was developed.

In effect, Hybrid Roaming supports professional and public safety operations in an ideal way and extends the availability of secure communications. This way, Tactilon Dabat can be the preferred bridge between TETRA communications and critical broadband.

Seamless, hybrid UX

The user interface has been designed so that the resulting user experience is seamless. The communication app is the same, and the user can only distinguish between TETRA and broadband mode from a small change in the background colour in the app.


TETRA services available

Tactilon Dabat uses TETRA as its primary network. If the user moves out of TETRA network coverage but still has broadband access, communication can continue thanks to Hybrid Roaming. The transition takes only seconds and it is automatic – the user does not have to take action.

The use of the following services will continue seamlessly after the device has roamed to the broadband network:

  • Individual call
  • Group Call
  • Emergency call
  • Text message sending
  • Status message sending
  • Receiving messages addressed to one’s group.

Emergency calls

One may have to make an emergency call while outside network coverage (TETRA or broadband). If the user presses the red emergency button, the Hybrid Roaming solution will make the call as soon as the device has network coverage, whether TETRA or broadband. In terms of network coverage, this means that users enjoy a much larger coverage than with TETRA or broadband network alone.

In addition, the user can manually choose to make the emergency call in Direct Mode of operation (DMO).

Emergency calls in a hybrid environment


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