TB3hp mini TETRA base station

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TB3hp - Small and smart with high power

The TB3hp is the world’s smallest high power TETRA base station. It is about the size of a laptop – only a little thicker and heavier. The TB3hp provides up to 15W radio frequency power with very low power consumption.

One person can easily carry the TB3hp to the site, install it and set it up within minutes. When it is up and running, you can operate and maintain it over a remote connection. There is no need for costly site visits.

Use the TB3hp for the following:

  • Set it up in a vehicle and use for rapid deployable radio coverage
  • Set it up to provide fixed wide area coverage or to fill in covereage caps
  • Use in standalone mode for a remote TETRA cell
  • Carry the TB3hp with you to cover an area temporarily.

The TB3-series base stations can help you with the challenges. They are sensitive and powerful. Use them to build excellent radio coverage without black spots very cost-effectively.

You can choose a one-carrier or a two-carrier variant of the TB3hp mini TETRA base station.

TB3hp mini TETRA base station

Frequency variants

350-370 MHz   10 Mhz duplex spacing

380 - 400 MHz  10 MHz duplex spacing

410 - 430 MHz  10 MHz duplex spacing

800 MHz  45 MHz duplex spacing

Download datasheet

TB3hp mini base station in more detail