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What is Agnet?

Secure group collaboration for your teams

Agnet® is the next-generation collaboration solution, designed for professional users. It gives reliable access to critical communications services, which deliver far more than push-to-talk over broadband, such as data, video, and location services.

Agnet supports 3GPP standards and is fully compatible with 4G/5G. Additionally, Agnet supports satellite communication services to extend coverage in exceptional circumstances.

Agnet prioritizes security to preserve the safety and confidentiality of critical operations. Agnet has the resilience to resist cyber-attacks and data breaches while continuing to operate seamlessly.

Airbus has decades of experience in critical communications. This expertise and experience are at your service when deploying secure collaboration solutions to your organization.




Agnet won the ‘Best MCX Solution of the Year’ award during CCW 2022 in Vienna. Learn more – read the press release.

How Agnet Works

Agnet is much more than an MCX solution. It is a critical collaboration platform, providing organizations with a rich set of collaboration and communication features and endless possibilities for integration – in a secure and controlled way.


Voice, data, video, and location services

Voice, data, live video, and location services can be accessed and shared with a touch of a button on your smartphone device. Instant video sharing from video cameras or drones to dispatchers or groups will greatly improve situational awareness.

In addition, professional users in the field can make the right decisions quickly and act faster – thus making citizens, societies, and businesses more secure.

Instead of reacting to what has already happened, with Agnet, you can be one step ahead. 


Security without compromise

Agnet meets the highest level of security requirements designed to upkeep national safety and security. It has the resilience to resist cyber-attacks and data breaches while continuing to operate seamlessly.

All communication happening on the Agnet platform is encrypted. This prevents compromised devices and unauthorized users from accessing an organization’s resources while giving each user their own protected space.

Airbus is accredited by national authorities to handle confidential information. As a European company, Airbus complies with EU cyber security regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Apps, devices, and accessories ecosystem

When introducing mission-critical capabilities into your organization, Airbus’ comprehensive expertise and experience are at your service – from planning to maintenance, tailored to your operational needs and covering the entire ecosystem of mission-critical solutions.

Agnet customers can benefit from a rich ecosystem of Airbus’ strategic partners. This opens a new world of possibilities for professional apps, devices, accessories, and integrations. Whatever the technological solution, customers can be confident that Airbus can deliver a state-of-the-art communications solution that works seamlessly and securely from end to end.


Dispatching solutions

Agnet Dispatcher is a modern, web-based dispatching solution. It gives dispatchers quick access to Agnet communication and multimedia features and lets them keep track of multiple situations in real time.

In addition, Agnet supports priority dispatching services. In critical situations where time is of the essence, users are able to receive emergency help by pressing Agnet' dedicated emergency button. Emergency calls receive extreme priority, ensuring they are promptly attended to. Additionally, Agnet enables real-time tracking of the alerting device's location, providing valuable information that can be visually represented on a map.

Agnet can also work seamlessly with your existing control room solutions.


Flexible deployment

Agnet has flexible deployment options:

  • Private on-premises deployment is the best choice for public safety organizations as it matches their stringent security requirements and keeps control in their own hands.

  • Public cloud deployment is ideal for critical industries and enterprises seeking a modern, secure, and easy-to-use end-to-end solution.

  • Hybrid cloud deployment is a mix of private and public. It allows organizations to decide where their applications operate and scale resources on demand.


Agnet is fully compatible with 4G/LTE and future-proofed for 5G, providing reliable access to mission-critical services, such as multimedia messaging, data and location services.

Rich and abundant data capabilities can help make critical operations more efficient and deliver better situational awareness. Transition from 4G to 5G will further enable new ways for public safety and other professional organizations to manage incidents and emergencies.

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Agnet supports different integration solutions, from tailored gateways to 3GPP-compliant Interworking Function (IWF). These enable seamless interoperability with your existing narrowband systems such as TETRA, Tetrapol, P25, DMR or analogue.

Hybrid model supported by Agnet delivers mission-critical reliability and broadband capabilities while enabling a smooth transition from narrowband to broadband. A stepwise transition minimizes risk and ensures an uninterrupted operational way of working during transitions.

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Agnet is designed for critical communications and offers secure and reliable connectivity over 4G/5G networks. However, backup connectivity may be needed in rural areas, for disaster relief or in case of temporary power outages impacting 4G/5G availability.

Agnet over Satcom offers added resilience, extended coverage, and capacity for uninterrupted field collaboration by supporting the use of deployable networks and satellite communications for connectivity.

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Try Agnet for free

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Who is it for?


Public Safety

Public safety forces face complex threats and growing demands in urban environments. To effectively deal with these threats, public safety personnel, including police organizations, fire and rescue, and emergency medical health providers, need to enhance their efficiency and gain a comprehensive view of incidents to stay ahead of evolving risks.

With modern broadband capabilities, authorities can obtain a complete situational picture during incidents like a football match fire. A strong network is crucial to handle interactions between mission-critical users and managing vast amounts of critical data. Live video feeds enable field commanders to monitor spectators, traffic, and team members' physical condition. These advanced capabilities not only enhance the quality of care but also improve the efficiency and safety of public safety personnel by enabling seamless cooperation and communication.

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Business-critical Industries

Globalization has increased the vulnerability of transportation, energy, and critical infrastructure companies to security breaches and cyber threats. The digitization of these industries and the abundance of data collected present challenges in protecting sensitive information and maintaining data privacy.

Agnet offers secure group and field collaboration solutions for business-critical and critical infrastructure users. These solutions support seamless operations and safeguard customer privacy.

Industries planning to deploy smart devices for fieldwork can greatly benefit from Agnet’s capabilities. With compatibility in both 4G and 5G networks, interoperability with narrowband systems, and support for satellite communications, Agnet ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in the most demanding of circumstances.

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Agnet Services

When introducing broadband mission-critical capabilities into your organization, Airbus’ comprehensive expertise and experience are at your service – from planning to maintenance, tailored to your operational needs and covering the entire ecosystem of mission-critical solutions. 

Stay focused on your daily job and let Airbus experts tailor the solution to your operational needs and support you throughout. 



Plan your solution

Airbus assists in planning, designing, implementing, and future-proofing requirements for government, public safety, and critical infrastructure sectors.


Deploy with confidence

Agnet professional services provide everything to ensure a secure deployment including implementation, installation, configuration, testing, and acceptance.

Transfer easily

Airbus facilitates a smooth transition from voice-centric to multimedia-enabled operations, utilizing technologies such as IoT and AI to improve efficiency, situational awareness, and overall safety. 


Run smoothly

Once you start using Agnet in the field, the Airbus team will support you in operating and maintaining your solution for as long as you need. Agnet operations maintenance and customer care are here to help you.

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Agnet Integrations

Share the right data with the right people by integrating Agnet with your current solutions. Agnet backend API allows a secure exchange of information for seamless integration between third-party applications and Agnet. In addition, Airbus customers can benefit from a rich ecosystem of strategic partners. This opens a new world of possibilities for professional apps, devices, accessories, and integrations.

Whatever the technological solution, customers can be confident that Airbus can deliver a state-of-the-art critical communications solution that works seamlessly and securely from end to end.



Mapping solutions

When integrating Agnet with your site maps and asset management solutions you can track and utilise your assets more efficiently.

  • Create points of interest (POIs) based on maintenance requests.
  • Customise your operational statuses to track tasks and on-going processes.
  • Create workflows with e.g. IoT sensor alerts to automatically deploy talk groups with the nearest people around the alert.

Integrate smart devices

Integrate Agnet with your smart gear.

In demanding circumstances, it is essential for users to use devices with gloves on. Agnet can be integrated with your protective gear. 

Agnet is ready to be integrated with hard Push-To-Talk devices and other smart accessories.

Agnet can also be integrated with existing narrowband systems. This will ensure seamless communications between narrowband and broadband network users during any migration period.

Tactilon Agnet Voice Assistant

Database query

Make sure you have up-to-date data always at arm’s reach.

Ensure 24/7 availability and zero downtime to your critical assets with Agnet data center integration. To take advantage of external data more efficiently you can integrate multiple data sources with Agnet.

Current traffic situation data, weather forecasts, or other external data can be delivered to organizations use in no time with seamless data integration.


Control room operations

Improve your situational awareness with Agnet control room integrations. The French RRF project is a prime example of such integration.

Command and control your Agnet users with a computer-aided dispatch system integrated into your control room.

Integrate your workforce management with Agnet to follow where specific teams are currently located.

Support operations with comprehensive data from the field: voice, video, and location.

Customer Stories

French public safety organizations have relied on the nationwide radio communications networks (INPT and RUBIS) for their everyday operations since the 1990s. The new generation RRF (Réseau Radio du Futur – radio network of the future) will provide 4G/LTE broadband services, which will work seamlessly with existing narrowband services during the migration period. These new broadband capabilities will allow almost 300,000 public safety users to manage incidents and emergencies, as well as major diplomatic and sporting events in better ways.

Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF)
France’s pioneering project for security and emergency rescue forces

Finnish public safety organizations rely on Virve, the nationwide TETRA radio communications network, for their everyday operations. In 2018, Erillisverkot – the operator of the Virve network – initiated Virve 2, a program to deploy the next-generation mission-critical services based on 3GPP standards and 4G/5G technologies. Thanks to Agnet, these services will work seamlessly with existing narrowband services during the migration period. Users will also benefit from the rich ecosystem of devices and accessories, in a secure and controlled way.

Virve 2
Finland’s new generation public safety network

An EU-funded research project, BroadWay aimed to improve the cross-border communication and collaboration of European public safety authorities. Airbus led a consortium that successfully demonstrated two full-scale field tests of cross-border operations. Agnet’s mission-critical services gave first responders from 11 countries reliable access to voice, data, and video. This constituted a new achievement in cross-border communications. The next step, BroadNet, will further pave the way toward seamless cooperation across borders.

– for seamless critical communications across Europe

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and the capital of the UAE. Its rapid development has transformed it into a large, developed metropolis. As globalization advances, international trade and other activities increase and require constant vigilance. To help support its security efforts, Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) is gradually introducing professional communications over broadband by adopting Agnet. Intended as a key asset that aids Abu Dhabi’s sustainable growth, the system is designed to protect people and vital assets as well as improve police forces’ efficiency.

Abu Dhabi Police
Keeping the city a safer place

The authorities in Mexico’s Quéretaro state are under constant pressure to keep a lid on crime. And like most authorities, Querétaro state sees communications as essential to its mission. It wants to build on the success of its existing nationwide IRIS Tetrapol network while implementing new, efficient capabilities through more advanced communications. A major part of realizing this ambition is the MXLINK service from Airbus. MXLINK is a Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator (SMVNO) service incorporating the network capabilities of Red Compartida, Telcel, and AT&T.

State of Querétaro
Keeping two million citizens safe

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