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Existing TETRA and Tetrapol networks are evolving – still powerfully featured with communications networks for mission and business critical use. Hybrid solutions offer a smooth transition towards mission critical broadband. Combining services for PMR and LTE, the hybrid model is flexible in fitting the needs of user organizations and offers optimization through gradual implementation.

Popular solutions

Tactilon Suite - Solutions for evolving security needs

Tactilon Suite is a hybrid solution that offers mobile broadband for critical communication users.

TB3 TETRA base station - Unrivalled coverage, optimal cost

The TB3-series base stations are sensitive and powerful. Use them to build excellent radio coverage without black spots very cost-effectively.

Taira TETRA Server - The power of modern TETRA

Taira TETRA Server is also a key building block for Tactilon Suite and PMR evolution - future you can trust.


More and more, the users of critical communications also need to use new data applications and smart devices. Broadband solutions are needed in addition to TETRA and Tetrapol.

It would not make sense to replace an existing well-serving mission critical or business critical network with an alternative that does not meet all requirements. A better solution is to evolve the current network.

PMR evolution - start here

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Hybrid networks are the way to go

The hybrid network is a cost-effective approach for PMR evolution. Users can then continue with TETRA or Tetrapol voice and data and introduce mobile broadband services step-by-step. These services can be based on a dedicated broadband network, commercial services with Secure MVNO, or a combination of the two.

Hybrid network investments add value today, but also offer long-term benefits by forming a bridge between existing narrowband networks and future solutions.

Public safety network operators and owners/operators of critical networks have started on the trusted path to the future.

Expert advice

How to start your broadband future today -

How to get more from your TETRA network and build your future, too

Get expert advice: How to start your broadband future today. This white paper examines the key questions related to the PMR future.


Why service quality is something to think about today

How to overcome the new challenges that critical communications service operators face related to controlling the service quality in a hybrid network environment.


The critical communications market is open for business

White paper: Lucrative opportunities for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

14 great resources to help evolve your network

There are documents and videos which help you map your evolution path to mobile broadband and mobile apps.


On the trusted path to the future


Astrid, the Belgian public safety network operator has set up a Secure MVNO solution. It employs a hybrid network model for the Blue Light Mobile service that it launched for its public safety customers in 2014.


The nationwide VIRVE public safety network based on TETRA will serve until 2030. The Finnish public safety network operator is modernizing the network. They have a strategy which will take them to mission-critical broadband.


The Swedish public safety network operator MSB set up a Secure MVNO pilot project based on Tactilon Suite as early as in 2014.

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