Where are you function in TETRA radios

Where are you?

Simple question, which you don’t have to ask!

Have you ever needed to know where and how far your colleagues are from you? Did you wish for a simple and quick way to find out?

There is a simple and quick way: the 'Where are you' function in your radio. You get the answer as quickly as your colleague can press the push-to-talk key. Your radio will display an arrow that points to his direction. You can also see how far he is in that direction.

The 'Where are you' function is the first in the world to automatically send position information between two radios. Think how useful this is.

The good news: The 'Where are you' function is included in your TETRA radio from Airbus Defence and Space and you can start using it right away.

More options for 'Where are you'

The radios of your team members can be set up to show their position

  • whenever they make a call
  • or only when they make an emergency call.

'Where are you' works with one-to-one calls and group calls alike. And it works both in normal radio mode, and in Direct Mode (DMO).

You can set up 'Where are you' so that it only sends your position once during a call.

Or it can send the position at certain intervals. This option means that your team members will see your direction and distance change during the call if you keep moving.

Do you need to know where and how far your team members are? 'Where are you’ gives you the answer.

How 'Where are you' works

'Where are you' shows where the other patrols are. See how 'Where are you' works

 Video: Location solutions for TETRA radios

Where is the nearest patrol?

Let’s imagine a police car patrolling the city streets. The two officers spot a group of hooligans who are about to break a shop window. The officers know at once that they will need backup.

They will of course report to the dispatcher, asking for support.

They can also make a call to a group and ask the other patrols where they are. The others answer with a press of the PTT key. The patrol at the scene will see at once how close the nearest car is. The dispatcher is in charge of arranging backup but the patrol will know how quickly they can expect the support to arrive.

'Where are you' lets you and your team know each others' whereabouts – as quickly as pushing the PTT key.

‘Where are you’ gives you all this

  • Save effort: you don’t have to ask if additional resources are nearby.
  • Feel safer: you can see how far your nearest colleague is.
  • Work better: you can easily find your team mate since “Where are you” shows you his position during a call. Distance and direction.

'Where are you' gives you more:

  • You can also see the last Status message that your colleague sent.
  • Works in trunked and direct mode
  • Works in individual and group calls, also in emergency calls
  • Works in all TETRA networks.

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'Where are you' works in any TETRA network but it is available only in TETRA radios by Airbus Defence and Space.

Do not delay - get in touch with an authorized distributor. They can tell you more about the 'Where are you' feature:

Find your nearest TETRA distributor

Ask for a live demo or a presentation on the ‘Where are you’ feature.

Or why not ask for an offer of TH9, THR9 Ex, THR9iTH1n radios  or Tactilon Dabat which include this function and several other innovations, like the advanced man-down solution, named Lifeguard, Night Vision and Voice Feedback.

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