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WANTED: Pioneers of Tactilon Dabat apps and accessories

Tactilon Dabat is the industry-first full TETRA radio built into a smartphone.

You can start developing your mission-critical app or accessory for this exciting product today - through our exclusive SmarTWISP application developer programme. Download a SmarTWISP leaflet here.

Register here to apply for the Basic membership level - it's completely free.


Find out more about the Tactilon Dabat hybrid device at: and

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The SmarTWISP programme offers four membership levels. You can now apply for the Basic level free of charge. Once your membership has been approved by Airbus, you’ll be able to upgrade your membership level and enjoy even more benefits.

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Meet a few special members

Check out some of our interesting partners below. You’ll learn how they see the critical communications market and how they plan to grow their business with SmarTWISP.

Case: Crowdsoft

“There is huge untapped potential in the market, but as a small organization, we need partners in exploring all the opportunities,” Eriksson says, calling Airbus “a fantastic partner” for his company.

Alf Eriksson
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Case: Intellitronika

"For us, it's a huge opportunity and we want to make the most of it. We believe that this business will grow fast and new products are needed in the marketplace."

Andrea Medico
Director of Sales
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Case: Magister Solutions

“Together we can introduce new kind of thinking from the commercial side to the activities of the authorities, for example. Via collaboration, we can really solve the customer’s problems.”

Kari Aho
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Case: Mentura Group

"The critical communications market has its silos and trenches and it's not always easy to seek common ground: but with SmarTWISP, there's a real chance of making it happen."

Sami Honkaniemi
CVO, Business and Strategy
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NEW Apps Catalogue

Apps Catalogue is the EASIEST way for potential customers to find you and your app, so you can grow bigger!

The Catalogue lists the professional applications developed for the Tactilon Dabat device.

Take a look at the Apps Catalogue now!


There are now 14 innovative apps showcased in the Catalogue – with more to come. The visitor can filter the view by segment or capability.

Do you want your app to be part of the Catalogue?

Airbus Apps Catalogue

Let's discuss! Contact us.

Discover 3+3+3 interesting apps

Critical Communications World 2018 was a chance to see the latest innovations in the mission-critical market.

On each of three days the Apps Ecosystem – a special exhibition area near the Airbus stands – featured three innovative applications for Tactilon Dabat device.

If you missed the event, you should definitely check the Apps Ecosystem web page which currently showcases the nine apps presented at the show.

For more in-depth information on mobile apps trends, download the report on the third survey into the state of the professional apps market: “Users look for secure apps – On trend: A need for structured adoption of apps”


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