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What is SmarTWISP?

Professional applications, accessories and gear can help you work in new and better ways. But not just any app, accessory or gear – they must be very reliable, secure and easy to use so that you can depend on them in critical situations.

Thanks to SmarTWISP developer programme, you can get secure world-class apps, accessories or gear for Tactilon Agnet critical communication solution, Tactilon Dabat hybrid device and TETRA radios – designed for professional use. 

SmarTWISP is a growing ecosystem of over 100 innovative companies and their solutions around the globe. For your special use cases, the SmarTWISP programme can help you find the right Partner for your needs.

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Why SmarTWISP?

SmarTWISP gives you many benefits:


Designed for professional use

SmarTWISP developers and vendors are accustomed to the specific considerations needed when creating critical apps, accessories or gear for professionals. The solutions are designed so that users can depend on them in critical situations.

Learn more what is the difference between professional and mainstream apps – read this article.


Apps and accessories work end-to-end

All SmarTWISP apps and accessories are tested to work end-to-end with the device of your choice:

You won’t need to do any modifications.


Apps and accessories are secure

All SmarTWISP solutions are tested against any security threats and malware risks during development, to ensure the highest security and functionality standards.

Easy to find the right app, accessory or gear

SmarTWISP offers a network of over 100 companies around the globe. Either choose from the readily-available solutions in the Catalogues or ask the SmarTWISP programme find the right Partner for you.

Find the right apps, accessories and gear

You can find apps, accessories and gear for your Tactilon Agnet, Tactilon Dabat and TETRA radios from these catalogues. For your special use cases, the SmarTWISP programme can also help you find the right Partner for your needs.

Please note that Airbus cannot guarantee the availability of solutions, provided by 3rd party developer companies.


Tactilon Agnet accessories and gear

Looking for audio or video accessories and gear that is compatible with your Tactilon Agnet version? Browse and search in this catalogue to find the right accessories.

Tactilon Dabat apps

Looking for innovative, professional applications for your Tactilon Dabat, the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device? Browse and search in this catalogue to find the right apps.

Tactilon Dabat and TETRA radio accessories

Do you need to carry your device on your lapel, waist or shoulder – or hide it for covert operations? Do you need robust, waterproof equipment or even special use case accessories? Do you prefer to use audio accessories or maybe need an extra battery? A well-equipped device is a pleasure to use. Find your accessory selection on this catalogue.

How could apps help your teams?

Professional apps can help organizations work in better ways. Here are three practical examples of how.


People in distress will get help quicker

Imagine a major fire in a shopping center or office block. If you are a field commander, you need to get a full picture of the situation. This will help you and your team to deal with the incident quickly.

For example, you could get a better view of the situation through a live video feed from drones. Infrared cameras in the drones help identify where the fire is strongest. With this information, you can help your teammates tackle the fire quicker.


Aircraft turnaround time will be faster

When a plane lands it needs to be serviced before it can take off again. It needs to be fueled and stocked with food. Luggage, cargo and passengers need to be unloaded and loaded.

These functions need to be coordinated to minimize aircraft turnaround time while keeping customers satisfied. To achieve this, the right people need to be able to share the right information at the right time.


Medical teams will save time

Huge numbers of people work in the many departments of a large hospital. They all share a common goal – to give patients the best possible care. This makes efficient communications and collaboration very important. Medical and healthcare professionals need to be able to share the right information, securely and efficiently.

When a patient needs emergency treatment, most hospitals still call the medical staff one person at a time. This can take 15-20 minutes or even longer. But there is a better way.

Discover an exciting new world of professional apps

What are the possibilities of increased availability of information, data sharing, automated workflows and alerts?

Watch this video, and you'll learn practical examples how Tactilon Agnet allows secure exchange of information for seamless integration between third party applications and Tactilon Agnet.

Benefit from intelligent connectivity

Watch this video, and you'll discover how Tactilon Agnet allows seamless integration with third party applications for your special use cases.

Professional app trends 2022

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