TB3p mini TETRA base station

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Smallest TETRA base station - great for indoor coverage

The TB3p mini TETRA base station is really small – close to the size of a laptop. Use the TB3p for the following, for example:
  • Set up radio coverage indoors
  • Use in standalone mode for a “mobile TETRA cell”
  • Take the TB3p with you to cover an area temporarily.

Size really matters

Size is a crucial factor when setting up indoor coverage - for example radio coverage for metro tunnels, shopping malls, or basements.

Do not compromise on features

The TB3p offers the same powerful features as its bigger brothers TB3 and TB3c — from load-directed roaming to air-interface encryption, from Type 1 Handover to base station fallback.

Choose any number of any TB3-series base stations for your network. They all deliver the same features.

Six more use cases

Indoor coverage, yes - but what else?

Check the six foremost use cases for TB3p in this Key Touch online article: "Fast and easy radio coverage".


TB3p mini TETRA base station

Frequency variants

350-370 MHz   10 Mhz duplex spacing

380 - 400 MHz  10 MHz duplex spacing

410 - 430 MHz  10 MHz duplex spacing

800 MHz  45 MHz duplex spacing

Download datasheet

TB3p mini base station in more detail