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Modern communication solutions

Police organizations need modern communication and collaboration solutions that meet their critical needs.

Communicating via radios is critical, but the contrast between the professional radio and the smart devices of today has led to more and more people using both for work.

Two devices instead of just the professional radio.

Two devices or just one?

Perhaps it is good to carry both a radio and a smartphone. After all, one can almost be a backup for the other. But what are the drawbacks?

  • You have to keep two devices charged
  • Two devices weigh more than one
  • How to move information from the radio to the smartphone and back?

So - two devices are not better than one. This blog post explains why. What is the right number of devices to carry?

Using Tactilon Dabat in a hybrid network can give you a special benefit. Use the Hybrid Roaming solution and you will be able to communicate as long as there is either TETRA or LTE network service available.

How to avoid carrying two devices

How to avoid carrying two devices then? The answer is: choose a dual-mode device. Tactilon Dabat is a smartphone and TETRA radio in one.

Tactilon Dabat and a professional app

Hybrid roaming - Equipped with the Tactilon Agnet application, Tactilon Dabat can automatically move from using the TETRA network to using an LTE broadband network or vice versa.

In other words, you will not be restricted to stay within TETRA coverage to communicate with your team and dispatcher.

TETRA in a smartphone?

Another way to combine TETRA and a smartphone

Tactilon Agnet is a professional app that lets your people use TETRA group communications in their smartphones.

One can easily communicate with TETRA radio users as well as with dispatchers. Tactilon Agnet connects the people vital to an operation even when they use different devices and technologies.

The right app for officers

High ranking police officers may choose to carry only a smartphone. Thanks to Tactilon Agnet, they can still take part in the communications related to an operation.

Security officer uses Tactilon Agnet app

Professional apps

Tested and certified apps for your smartphone

Take a look at the Apps Catalogue! It lists the professional applications developed for the hybrid Tactilon Dabat TETRA+LTE device.


Smart solutions

Hybrid devices

This is what the users say. Five features that users with years of experience in the field consider essential in a hybrid device.

Blog post: Five must-have features of a hybrid TETRA+LTE device

Tactilon Dabat in action

All the communication tools you need – in one device. Your team has advanced applications, built-in security and broadband data at their fingertips.

How to manage smartphone risks

What every professional should know about the threats and risks related to smartphones. You will also learn about the key safeguards against the risks.

How Tactilon Agnet works

One example: the Tactilon Agnet professional app can bring powerful TETRA short data SDS, status data and location services to your smartphone.

Buying TETRA radios?

Be smarter about buying TETRA radios

If you are looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start. Download this eBook and learn to write your radio RFP/RFQ so that you will get what you really need:


You may also want to know which five things you stop should asking in your Request for Proposals.

Blog post: 5 things you need to stop asking in your radio RFP/RFQ

Can you afford to bypass some unique synergies?

Does your organization use a TETRA radio system delivered by Airbus? If so, choose Airbus TETRA radios and your organization can improve operations thanks to unique synergies - and save money!

Take a look at the unique synergy benefits that you could gain.

You will also find practical examples of the benefits in the eBook "5 ways that a TETRA radio could improve your operations ...and save you money"


Latest Tetrapol radio

TPH900 - Powerful and compact

The TPH900 is the latest Tetrapol handheld with advanced features. These features can help officers do their jobs more easily and safely.

Have you used a P2G Tetrapol radio, or the TPH700 handheld?

The TPH900 is familiar, yet better. If you have used a Tetrapol radio before, it will be easy for you to start with the TPH900.

Familiar, yet better


TETRA and Tetrapol users

Who are the users?

Police organizations around the world use radios from Airbus - Take a look at Customer Stories on Public Safety networks

Police organizations are also featured in the Reader Stories in Key Touch magazine

The radio network?

You need your PMR radio every day, The radio connects to a radio network - often to a TETRA network or a Tetrapol network.

Learn more about PMR networks: take a look at the Solution Description "Radio communication solutions for police organizations"


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