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Powerful switching

DXTA TETRA Server is the efficient engine of the TETRA radio network. Use it to build a powerful, large, fully featured and modern radio communication network for professional operations.

The DXTA platform continues the famous, telecom grade DX switching family. It is based on the ATCA (Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture) standard specification with a blade server design that delivers huge capacity in a small package.

ATCA products are widely in use by major mobile telecommunication vendors.

Future-proof and reliable

The DXTA TETRA Server delivers the most versatile and powerful features for professional radio communications. One of the latest is the possibility to adopt broadband services.

The DXTA has been designed for 99,999% availability. Its operating system is secure and failsafe. The DXTA can cope with extreme traffic loads without breaks in service.

What's more, the DXTA lets you build a different network architecture. There are geo-redundancy features, for example. One server can take over if another has been taken out.

Should you upgrade to DXTA?

The DXTA is a new switch in the TETRA evolution. Choose it and you can be ready for future TETRA and LTE development.

The DXTA delivers more capacity than its earlier DXT-series switches - and it has a smaller footprint. This saves site space and energy. You have a good business case even to swap your earlier switch.

What’s more, your network modernization can be smooth. For example, the new DXTA TETRA Server is backward compatible. Application interfaces that work with the DXT-series switches will work with the DXTA TETRA Server as well. Your public safety applications or professional apps can continue as before.

The current dispatcher applications and standard TETRA radios will also work in the DXTA powered system.

Get more with less

The DXTA can handle up to three times the number of talk groups, data calls and connected base stations compared to today’s switches.

The DXTA uses only half the power and space. This means lower operational expenses for your benefit.

Small but powerful

More capacity:
400 TTRX carriers

Connect more base stations:
175 TETRA base stations

Connect more sw clients:
256 clients connected at the same time

All this with a footprint of only
0,54 m2 !!

Download datasheet

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