TH9 handheld TETRA radio from Airbus Defence and Space

handheld TETRA radio

Power on hand for mission-critical users

Focus completely on your mission – the TH9 Airbus TETRA radio works for you. For example, the TH9 is easy to use without looking. Thanks to Voice Feedback, it will “talk” to you – in your language.

It gives you audible indication for many functions that you select. For example,

  • Changing the talk group
  • Or switching to direct mode.

Voice Feedback is available only on PMR radios from Airbus Defence and Space.

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See the other features that the TH9 delivers, and get all technical details:

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Communicate clearly

The TH9 has improved audio design. Enjoy its clear sound and hear accurately what your team are saying. Your words can get a boost from the radio’s 1.8W output power.

"How to be smarter in buying TETRA radios?"

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Running out of power is a risk you don’t want to take. The TH9 has two powerful battery options, and Energy Economy can save your battery life.

The Night Vision feature included in the TH9 makes the radio better to use at night or in the dark.

Lifeguard is another feature included in the TH9 at no extra cost. Lifeguard is an advanced Man-down feature that could one day save your life.

What else TH9 can offer for your safety on the field? Read more about Personal Safety features.

For your safety

Make the radio fit you

The TH9 digital radio can be programmed and tailored so that it fits the user’s needs exactly. For example, it is possible to configure the keys and the menu to fit the daily tasks. Read an Key Touch article - Create your own menu.

It is possible to add custom-fit applications, thanks to the unique Java™ support.

Accessories complete the user experience. It is all about the user’s preferences. For example,

  • Wear the radio on your lapel at easy reach and complement it with a Bluetooth® connected earpiece.
  • Equip your motorbike helmet with a Bluetooth headset.

Choose your accessories from the TETRA Accessories catalogue.

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You can also choose to get your TH9 PMR radio delivered without Bluetooth.

Power on hand

Why does Bert Policeman appreciate his handheld TH9 radio?

Read the story: ”My TH9 lets me focus on my mission”

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