THR880i plus TETRA radio

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Unique two-sided radio

There is no other radio like THR880i plus

THR880i plus handheld radio has an innovative 2-sided design. This is one of a kind design that no other radio can offer. THR880i plus gives you more than one way to communicate. It fits in your hand and feels good to use.

  • Phone side has the big colour display and number keys for messaging, using the menu and other phone features
  • Radio side is for  traditional PMR use with the emergency red key on the top 
  • Voice Feedback lets you use the radio without looking by guiding you with your own language

Upgraded THR880i plus introduces improved positioning technology (GNSS) and  brings users more operational time. 

Use without looking

The THR880i plus is thoroughly designed to use without looking. The radio side is optimised for critical communication with   

  • High-quality loudspeaker
  • Talk group selector
  • PTT and Duty key
  • Fast menu key
  • Red emergency key
  • GNSS positioning technology


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Four sides of communication

The design of the THR880i and its successor THR880i plus is innovative and unique. You have more than one way to communicate with the THR880i plus. Download the article and see the four ways of communications that only this radio can offer:

  • Phone side
  • Radio side 
  • Most often used keys on both sides.

How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

Are you looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network?

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Personalize your THR880i plus withTaqto®

Taqto is for smart radio management. With Taqto your radio can be a tailor-made unit specially for your needs.
  • Configure PTT and Duty key functions, like dual PTT
  • Choose you main menu list
  • Define your own fast menu
  • Make shortcuts with function keys
  • ...and many other features

The THR880i plus includes a Java™ platform. You can run ready-made and tailored applications on it. Airbus TETRA radios are the only ones in the market to support Java.

Carry and tailor your radio

You can use the THR880i plus as it is. Additional accessories may bring you more benefits and enhance your user comfort, for example carrying devices and audio accessories.

One of the accessories is the smart and active carkit. It makes it really easy for you to use the THR880i plus radio in a vehicle. Place your radio in the holder and the battery will start charging.

The carkit can also connect to an external antenna, which gives you more radio range.

Read more about how the smart and active carkit can help you.


Choose your accessories —


Take a closer look at the accessories and carrying solutions developed for the THR880i plus and THR880i.

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The two-sided THR880i plus radio in detail