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Your path to broadband

Smooth, secure, economical

Taira from Airbus offers a smooth, controlled and economical way to evolve your communication network from narrowband to broadband.

Adopting Taira lets you use broadband data services in a secure way. Your mission-critical operations can continue as they are and you will complement them with new possibilities.

You as the operator or network owner do not have to change all system elements. Instead, you can take full advantage of already made investments.

Could the Taira solution help you reach new opportunities?

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Your three steps

Step 1

First, you need the mobile broadband service. If you have a broadband frequency licence, you can set up your own network. Or, you can approach a mission-critical Service Operator or commercial Mobile Network Operators.

Step 2

Your safe second step to mission-critical broadband is to choose Taira and its all-in-one package of management tools. The solutions have been designed with the specific needs of authorities and critical infrastructure businesses in mind. They are uniquely able to take into account organizational structures, communication hierarchies, and groups. They make it possible for you to manage apps and network users’ access rights in the smoothest way.

As part of your second step, choose Tactilon Management and you can also streamline your tactical and network management operations. Taira and Tactilon Management together are a smart choice because they can simplify your procedures. Usability is better which means fewer human errors - and fewer security risks.

Step 3

And the third step: opt for the broadband-enabling package of Taira, management tools and Tactilon Agnet.

Tactilon Agnet lets you get started with mission-critical broadband communications regardless of your current system. Analog or digital narrowband technologies can be integrated into communications over broadband.

1 - 2 - 3

These three steps deliver your smoothest, lowest risk transition to mission-critical broadband communications.

Five powerful benefits


Protects from cyber threats. The reliability of operations and the security of communications are paramount for public safety and critical business organisations.  Cybercrime and other security threats are increasing, and in addition, LTE/4G/5G networks require require a wider range of defences than traditional private radio networks.

Learn more: download white paper "Protect mission-critical networks from cyber threats with Airbus Taira".

Apply robust processes, educate your users and choose Taira which can segment your network domains, and your broadband services will have protection against cyber attacks.

There is a full suite of network management and cyber security tools that align with the three critical, NIS (Network and Information Security Directive) security measures. Taira from Airbus should be your basis for secure mission-critical communications in the coming 5G era - and beyond.

Easier for you

Familiar hardware. Thanks to the server hardware that is familiar from many deployments in the IT world, Taira is easy to set up and maintain. It offers the highest possible availability service when needed, with easy hot standby replacement.

Data center compatible. Taira can also be a natural part of you data center.

Saves you money

Cheaper to maintain. Because Taira uses standard hardware, your maintenance personnel do not have to acquire extra competences. For you, this means lower operational expenses.

Efficient tools for configuration and management. There is an extensive portfolio of tools for network configuration and management of the network. For example, one tool visualizes the network configuration, another provides a single view of all Airbus Taira servers in a network, and a third can show the status of the radio access networks in visual format.

Saves energy and floor space. Taira is very compact in size, and this means that it requires less floor space. Smaller size also means less energy required to run it.

Matches the scale of your operations

Scalability. Taira is completely scalable from a deployable, single-base-station site to nationwide networks. You can start small and expand as you need.

Taira also supports modern mission-critical applications and enables them to be scaled from small to very large configurations.

Future you can trust

Taira is the key building block for mission-critical broadband and for hybrid networks. Therefore, it delivers a future that you can trust.

Using data center technology instead of dedicated communications hardware allows the integration of different apps and services on a single platform.

With smart broadband applications such as Tactilon Agnet and the exciting ones in the Application Catalog, you are ready to step right into your smart future.

Taira is the solution for managing the lifecycle and cyber resilience of complex mission-critical systems.

Secure private cloud

Virtualised core

Taira is based on data center technology. In other words, you can use it to run your professional communications on commercial off-the-shelf server equipment.

While the first Taira configurations are offered for TETRA networks, the solution supports a wide variety of technologies and applications, including 4G/5G, hybrid networks, Tactilon Agnet and many more.


Technology that you can trust

Taira is the perfect answer on how to move your communications into the future and adopt LTE/4G/5G capabilities. It is at the very centre of hybrid network evolution.

For example, Taira provides a virtual platform for mobile apps and new solutions in the IoT domain.


Taira Virtual Core can be installed into any 19-inch rack suitable for the setup and site.

You no longer need special, dedicated hardware for your mobile communication solutions. You can run any communication technology - 4G/5G broadband for example - on the same Taira equipment without compromising security.

Building your future

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