TB3 TETRA Base Station

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Unrivalled coverage

- with optimal cost

You as a TETRA network operator have to deal with these issues:

  • The network has to cover the whole area where users may operate
  • The network needs to work all the time
  • There are relatively few users in the network. Not millions like in commercial mobile networks.

The TB3-series base stations can help you with the challenges. They are sensitive and powerful. Use them to build excellent radio coverage without black spots very cost-effectively.

World's most popular

The TB3-series base station models have become the most popular in the world:

In the year 2014 alone, Airbus delivered around 5,800 TETRA base station radios, more than any previous year.

The coverage for the world's largest TETRA network in Germany is built with TB3 TETRA base stations.

The TB3 can improve

  • Quality of service
  • Radio coverage
  • Or achieve a combination of the two.

A better network means safer operations for the network's users.

TB3 TETRA base station

Frequency variants

380 - 400 MHz, 10 MHz duplex spacing
410 - 430 MHz, 10 MHz duplex spacing
450 - 470 MHz, 10 MHz duplex spacing
800 MHz, 45 MHz duplex spacing
350 - 370 MHz, 10 MHz duplex spacing
335 - 360 MHz, 5 MHz duplex spacing

Download datasheet

TB3 base station in more detail