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Hybrid broadband + narrowband solutions, professional apps, hybrid TETRA+LTE devices, Secure MVNO, digital radio networks and related solutions, TETRA and Tetrapol devices.

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Tactilon Agnet

TETRA radios



Hybrid solutions

Map your roadmap to broadband with the help of this comprehensive guide to hybrid solutions.

Taira for broadband

Taira from Airbus is secure and protects mission-critical broadband networks from cyberthreats. Based on virtualization and secure private cloud technology.

Tactilon Management

Tactilon Management enables you to control and manage organizations, groups and subscribers. You can use it for your TETRA/Tetrapol radio users, your hybrid device users and your smartphone users, no matter which network they subscribe to.

Tactilon Agnet

Tactilon Agnet - an easy-to-use and secure group communication solution for both mission critical and business critical needs. It delivers all the features for secure and efficient information sharing and command.

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Devices and accessories

Devices and accessories portfolio includes hybrid TETRA+LTE devices, TETRA devices and accessories as well as Tetrapol devices and accessories.


Applications portfolio includes Airbus apps such as Tactilon Agnet and the OM100 AVL application, and a selection of third party applications.

Control rooms

Control rooms portfolio includes the next-generation dispatching solution RCS 9500, Viewcor network analyzer and the AR-C communications recorder.


Networks portfolio includes Airbus TETRA and Tetrapol systems, the deployable system and the Tactilon SMVNO solution.

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