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Products and solutions

Solutions for secure communications, designed for demanding professionals

Hybrid radio communication + broadband solutions, professional apps, hybrid TETRA+LTE devices, Secure MVNO, digital radio networks and related solutions, TETRA and Tetrapol devices.

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Devices and accessories

Devices and accessories portfolio includes hybrid TETRA+LTE devices, TETRA devices and accessories as well as Tetrapol devices and accessories.


Applications portfolio includes Airbus apps such as Tactilon Agnet and the OM100 AVL application, and a selection of third party applications.

Control rooms

Control rooms portfolio includes the next-generation dispatching solution RCS 9500, Viewcor network analyzer and the AR-C communications recorder.


Networks portfolio includes Airbus TETRA and Tetrapol systems, the deployable system and the Tactilon SMVNO solution.