P8GR active TETRA pager

P8GR active TETRA Pager

For secure two-way alerting

The P8GR active TETRA pager is much more than a beeper! Instead, it is a two-way pager and can solve your paging problem.

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Do you have this problem?

When there is an emergency, you need to get the alert out to the right teams. But your paging system does not tell you if the alert has gone through.

The alerted people have to phone back – very inconvenient.

Maybe your paging system is near the end of its life too? The alerts do not always work at all?

In any case, your current paging system is not adequate.

Enter P8GR active TETRA pager

The P8GR is of course a pager for alerting staff. In addition, it provides a way to see who were reached and who are available for duty.

You no longer have to alert your staff and hope for the best. You will get real information on who is available.

See P8GR TETRA pager in action

Part-time, volunteer firefighters can carry the P8GR active TETRA pager wherever they go. They can be reached whenever needed.

Video: P8GR active TETRA pager in action


Who is it for?

The P8GR active pager works over TETRA. It is designed for

  • firefighters
  • emergency medicine teams
  • rescue forces
  • relief organizations
  • transport companies
  • demanding industry users


Why TETRA paging?

Active TETRA paging gives five great advantages over traditional pagers. Forget the old beepers!

Instead, take a look at these new ideas for paging.

Or ask yourself three questions and find out if TETRA paging could solve your paging problem.

Call-out over TETRA provides even more options.

Try how the P8GR pager works

Tip - turn the pager on by pressing the top right button for two seconds 


We tested P8GR - it works well !

Kuopio University Hospital in Finland had a trial – showing the impact of P8GR two-way pagers.

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The State of Hesse in Germany has chosen the P8GR active TETRA pagers to replace their fire brigade’s alerting system. Airbus Defence and Space will deliver

  • up to 65000 P8GR pagers
  • accessories
  • services
  • Taqto® 2 terminal manager.

The P8GR TETRA pager successfully passed the exhaustive certification and functionality tests in Hesse in November 2015.


Download the P8GR datasheet and learn about this active, two-way TETRA paging solution:

        Get the free P8GR datasheet

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