P8GR TETRA pager

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For secure two-way alerting

P8GR active TETRA pager

The P8GR is of course a pager for alerting staff. In addition, it provides a way to see who were reached and who are available for duty.

You no longer have to alert your staff and hope for the best. You will get real information on who is available.

The P8GR active TETRA pager is much more than a beeper! Instead, it is a two-way pager and can solve your paging problem

P8GR - who is it for?

Two-way P8GR TETRA pager is compact device for example:

  • firefighter
  • emergency medicine teams
  • rescue forces
  • relief organizations
  • transport companies
  • demanding industry users



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Watch a video: P8GR TETRA pager in action

Part-time, volunteer firefighters can carry the P8GR active TETRA pager wherever they go. They can be reached whenever needed. And perhaps most importantly, the dispatcher will know exactly who got the page, who are going to come in and who aren’t available.

Try how the P8GR works

Tip - turn the pager on by pressing the top right button for two seconds 

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Personalize your P8GR withTaqto®

Taqto is for smart radio management.

With Taqto your radio can be a tailor-made unit specially for your needs. And you can manage the entire fleet of pagers and also other TETRA radios with only one tool, Taqto.

Carry and tailor your pager

You can use the P8GR as it is. Additional accessories may bring you more benefits.

Smart home station keeps the P8GR charged when the user is at work or home. So you are always ready to go if alerted. You may also want to have an extra battery or even a high-capacity battery.


Choose your accessories —


Take a closer look at the accessories and carrying solutions developed for the P8GR.

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