Nurse carries a TH1n TETRA radio

TH1n TETRA radio

This TETRA radio fits in your pocket

Do you work in a hospital, in health care or in the social sector? Or are you looking for a very small TETRA radio?


The TH1n slimline TETRA radio is small and light-weight:

  • 19 mm thin
  • 160 g in weight

Despite its small size, the TH1n is a big performer. It has all the features and functions you need. It is also IP65 classified, so it can take on rough handling.

Get all details from the TH1n slimline TETRA radio datasheet

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Four devices in one

The TH1n is nothing like a basic radio. In fact, it can work for you in four ways:

  1. Handheld TETRA radio
  2. TETRA pager
  3. Repeater
  4. TETRA covert solution.

4-in-1 TH1n TETRA radio

Easy to use, slim and light-weight

Users find the TH1n radio confortable to use - and  not only because of it is so small.

  • It is easy to use. Its working logic is clear so it is easy to learn to use.
  • The radio can be programmed and tailored in many ways, to suit the person's daily tasks.
  • Voice Feedback lets you use the radio without looking.

Personalize your TH1n with Taqto®

Taqto is for smart radio management. With Taqto your radio can be a tailor-made unit specifially for your needs.

  • Configure PTT and Duty key functions
  • Choose your main menu list 
  • Define your own fast menu 
  • Make shortcuts with function keys
  • ... and many other features

How to carry the TH1n

Emergency medical care, ambulance and hospital workers will appreciate these ways to carry the TH1n slimline TETRA radio. This video shows you several ways to use and carry the TH1n.

Slip it into a neck carrying case, pocket clip holder or shoulder holder.

Video: TH1n slimline radio for medical professionals


Carry and tailor your radio

Take a closer look at the accessories and carrying solutions developed for the TH1n 

Choose your accessories -

You can use the TH1n as it is. Additional accessories may bring you more benefits.

Open TETRA accessories catalogue

How to buy?

Ready to buy? Or do you have questions? Authorized distributors help you find the most suitable radio for your needs.

Find your nearest TETRA distributor

"How to be smarter in buying TETRA radios?"

Download the radio buyer's guide



Slim but robust

Take a look at the extensive testing that has found the TH1n TETRA radio dustproof, water resistant, and tough

Video: TH1n - light-weight but tough


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