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When time, focus and effort are critical

Crisis require simple, robust and proven tools...

On a daily basis, first responders and intervention units are sent out into unknown and hostile environments, in extreme and demanding situations (hostage situations, event security, VIP protection, high-risk police controls, complex fires, natural disasters, etc.)

When time, focus and effort are of the essence and can save lives, only simple, efficient, robust and proven tools will do.

Agnet Tacteam is a secure mobile application that enables professional users to quickly share information and organize actions during a crisis situation. The solution meets the need from the customer for a simple, dedicated, and collaborative application providing tactical situation awareness to be used for missions.

Agnet Tacteam is the result of more than two years of development, operational missions and agile continuous improvements, carried out in close cooperation with special forces intervention units.


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What is Agnet Tacteam?

Agnet Tacteam is a 4G/LTE secure mobile application that lets any user who is involved in an operation to see, understand and share a common relevant operational situation in real time.

Thanks to Agnet Tacteam, professional users can:

  • Collect, process, and share data quickly and securely (blueprints, maps, satellite images, images of suspects etc.) to all the relevant parties to prepare for developing situations, and to respond to any incident in real time. 
  • Share and track the location and status of their team members, and immediately provide help as needed. 
  • Use intuitive drawing tools for developing and sharing strategies to all parties involved.
  • Communicate effectively as teams before and during a crisis situation. They can send and share quick messages.
  • Analyze the data afterwards, learn from it and improve their next operations.

Agnet Tacteam provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time – securely and efficiently. For professional users from all the chain of command and operation (authorities, crisis room, control rooms, command post, operational factors in play, and external support).

Fully integrated with Agnet mission critical communications platform


Agnet Tacteam is fully integrated with Agnet mission-critical communication solution (MCS/MCX). This means that voice and data communications work seamlessly together to deliver excellent situational awareness in real-time.

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Who is Agnet Tacteam for?

Agnet Tacteam is designed for all professional users involved in  demanding situations

Multiple teams - such as the following one bellow - can cooperate together and have a common view of the situation thanks to Agnet Tacteam:
  • First responders
  • Crisis management teams
  • Tactical Intervention Units
  • Special Forces
  • Fire brigades
  • Police forces
  • Private security forces
  • Border guards

Agnet Tacteam is designed for professional users from all the chain of command and operation (authorities, crisis room, control rooms, command post, operational factors in play, and external support).

Agnet Tacteam gives you many benefits

As it has been developped with and used by the most demanding intervention units in the world, Agnet Tacteam  is a quite unique real-life crisis tactical situation management app. The solution provides everything you need for bringing new efficiencies to your operations. 



Be better prepared for developing situations

Thanks to Agnet Tacteam application, professional users can quickly assess situations before arriving on the scene – by collecting, processing and sharing data from various sources, to all parties involved. This way they are better prepared to do their job.


Get a full situational picture

The teams have more information in their hands, enabling them to get a better view of the situation in real time. 
They can respond faster, deal with more incidents more quickly and provide better protection for people and property.

Provide help quickly where needed

Location and status sharing shows you exactly where each team member is, who is available, or who is busy with another task. 
This keeps the command centre always informed and ready to send help the instant it’s needed.


Improve your next operations

Data can also be useful after an incident, to help you optimize the teams optimize their performance. 
Thanks to Agnet Tacteam, you can analyze data from past operations to identify opportunities for improvement in future operations.

Easy to set up and use

Agnet Tacteam comes pre-configured. Just download the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop* and work on your mission. Agnet Tacteam works seamlessly with Android devices**.

Agnet Tacteam requires is so intuitive that it doesn't require any training: no time spent on training means more time to perform the operation. Your team can focus on what matters most: efficient operations.

It is also easy to connect with own mobile device: “Bring your own device”

* Desktop: Windows, Linux or Mac OS running Chrome ≥85 (the most recent version is recommended) or any other Chromium browser
**Android running Chrome Mobile ≥ 85 (the most recent version is recommended) or any other Chromium browser



Secured by design

Agnet Tacteam is designed to withstand loss of radio coverage and network outages and ensure that every operator receives the same information at the same time. Through a “shared PIN code” generated randomly for each new operation, Agnet Tacteam guarantees the confidentiality of information, while facilitating potential collaboration with external factors.



Get to know the app

These are just few examples of missions you can prepare and share live with Agnet Tacteam to your team and stakeholders during an operation.

Benefit from the Airbus expertise

Airbus experts will help you during every step of your journey

Professional services from Airbus are designed to help you during every step of your journey towards mission-critical broadband communications.

With more than 30 years of experience in critical communications, Airbus offers a full suite of training, consulting and technical services customized to your needs.

Whatever your need, professional services from Airbus will guide and help you safeguard against blind spots – thus letting you focus on your mission.

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Integrated Agnet services

Get the information superiority thanks to the use of Agnet Tacteam application together with Agnet mission critical communications platform

Seamless integration of these Agnet mission critical services offers added value to crisis management and beyond

Automatically add and geolocate all Agnet  users on the Agnet Tacteam tactical maps and get a full understanding of their situation in real time: position, connectivity, level of battery.

Need to optimize the coordination of multiple teams involved in a crisis? Take the advantage of the Agnet secured communications to better alert and communicate with all the teams.

Our flexible licensing model enables you to purchase Agnet Tacteam application as a standalone solution. When purchased together with Agnet mission critical communication platform (MCX), you will benefit from these added functionalities:

  • Use of Single login between Agnet Tacteam and Agnet MCX
  • Creation of a dynamic Agnet MCX group for each Agnet Tacteam mission
  • Dynamic Agnet MCX group offers all communications services in Agnet application
  • Automatic geolocation of the Agnet MCX users within Agnet Tacteam map
  • Display of Agnet MCX user information (level of battery, connectivity)

Agnet mission critical communications platform


Agnet’s mission-critical services give professional smartphone users reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files and location information. Instant sharing with a defined group of people at the push of a button.

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