Lifeguard is the advanced Man-Down feature


The advanced man-down feature

How would you get help if something knocked you down when working alone? Who would call help for you?  Who would know that you just faced a ’man down’ situation?

Your radio can know.

Lifeguard is the advanced man-down feature in TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space.

Lifeguard monitors your radio. Lifeguard will notice

  • if your radio stops moving, or
  • if your radio stays horizontal too long.

When it notices this, you will first get a “local alert”. The radio starts to vibrate and make a sound. The display starts blinking too, so you will not miss this alert. If you are fine, you just ok the alert.

If you don’t respond, the radio will automatically make an emergency call so you will get help. Your GPS coordinates are included so you can be located faster.

Thanks to Lifeguard, your radio will also make an alerting sound regularly. The sound can guide the rescue team towards you.

Watch the Lifeguard in action

See how this advanced man-down feature works on radios by Airbus Defence and Space.

How Lifeguard works

Can you afford to pass this opportunity?

Lifeguard is a feature that can save the radio user’s life.

The best news – Lifeguard is included in the TH1n, TH9, THR9i, and THR9 Ex radios as a standard feature. Choose one of these radio models from Airbus Defence and Space and get this potential life-saver for no extra cost.

Lifeguard works in any TETRA network but it is available only in TETRA radios by Airbus Defence and Space.

Do not delay - get in touch with an authorized distributor. They will tell you more about Lifeguard:

Find your nearest TETRA distributor

Ask for a free consultation, a live demo or a presentation on the Lifeguard feature.

Or why not ask for an offer of TH1n, TH9, THR9i, and THR9 Ex TETRA radios which include this feature and several other innovations? See which features are available for your personal safety, for example!

This document tells you how to write a better radio RFQ and get what you need:

Download the radio buyer's guide

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