TW1m TETRA modem

Transferring voice and data securely 

Are you looking for a powerful device to transfer data over the TETRA network? Are you transferring crucial data that needs to be done securely and in real-time?

Since TW1m has also voice capability, it can be used for example in public alarm notices or many other announcement systems where citizens must be informed. 

The TW1m TETRA modem is designed for solutions that require high availability, extreme security and low energy consumption. TW1m is optimal for mission and business critical IoT applications. 

Track their status 
Maybe you want to build a system that would track a fleet of buses, trucks, or other vehicles? TW1m is the solution also for this purpose with its advanced GPS positioning features.

Real use case
Vessel identification system 


More information

Get the details about the TW1m voice and data modem:

Download datasheet

What is TW1m modem?

TW1m is a reliable TETRA radio with

  • Data and voice
  • GPS positioning
  • Security, e2ee
  • Small size
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy interfaces for integration

TW1m connectivity 

TW1m has commercial 3rd party, off-the-self connectors for easy connectivity

  • Audio interface
  • Antenna connection for TETRA and GPS
  • RS-232 serial port 
  • USB interface
  • T-SIM card reader
  • Power interface


What is it for?

TW1m modem can be integrated into many types of enbedded systems

  • Voice applications
  • Customer telemetry
  • Position tracking
  • Perimeter access control
  • Remote controlling
  • Fleet management
  • Solutions for smart cities

Who is it for?

TW1m modem is built for mission and business critical use. In case of a major incident or disaster, TETRA is usually the last operational communications channel.

  • Government agencies
  • Public safety organisations
  • Private organisations
  • Private businesses 
  • Transport
  • Energy supply





How is the TW1m modem different from the TDM880i data module?

Download a comparison table

Authorized distributors help you find the most suitable solution for your needs. Ask them how the TW1m can work as part of your system:

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