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What you need to know about professional apps today

Jun 23, 2017 11:36:00 AM , Catalin Gheorghiu

More than three-quarters of professional organisations are either using or planning to use mobile apps in the near future, says the second Airbus survey of professional app users.

These professionals are taking the app message on board and getting many advantages from the use of apps in critical communications.

This was only one of the findings from the survey.

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Jun 16, 2017 3:34:14 PM , Tapio Mäkinen

Success stories and case studies from around the world

Across the world, professionals rely on their radios when communication is critical. Our customers are professionals representing public safety, transport, industry and other organizations who need reliable and secure radio communication solutions in their daily work.

Meet some of our customers through Customer Stories!

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Jun 9, 2017 11:55:01 AM , Tapio Mäkinen

Why a hybrid network is a great idea for airports

Arriving at an airport, whether for a holiday or a business trip, you expect things to go smoothly. Check-in, security, luggage handling, boarding – all depend on good communications.  This blog post explains why a hybrid TETRA/broadband network really meets an airport’s needs.

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Jun 2, 2017 12:46:34 PM , Jouni Kemppainen

How to fix 4 common problems for medical teams

All medical professionals face the same problem – constantly up against the clock while trying to save lives. This involves plenty of teamwork, particularly in trauma teams and emergency surgery. Delaying an extra second could mean someone’s life, so it’s vital that team members work together seamlessly. But even the most efficient teams need a little help.

Professional radio communications can solve all sorts of issues, but most of them boil down to four problems that many medical professionals struggle with.

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May 26, 2017 2:42:18 PM , Igor Vinogradoff

A few of my favourite things at CCW 2017

This year saw my second CCW event, but it was far from being a case of “Déjà-vu”. In my earlier blog post I promised that Airbus would not repeat itself and we did some things very differently.

Here are five of my favourites:

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May 19, 2017 12:55:00 PM , Tapio Mäkinen

Why not have both TETRA and LTE?

If you are a PMR professional, it is almost certain that you have used broadband and apps professionally or thought about it. It is true that broadband technologies such as LTE offer great possibilities. New multimedia-enriched messaging or video transmissions from the field can bring new efficiencies to everyday operations.

Where does trusty TETRA fit in these scenarios?

The answer: TETRA and LTE complement each other. And there are 50 ways that TETRA can provide the long-term support you need.

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May 12, 2017 12:24:14 PM , Christophe Calvez

What is the professional approach to smartphone security?

Applications for smartphones go together like strawberries and cream – but where there are apps, there is danger for the smartphone user.

Because they are widely used and easy to develop software for, cybercriminals are increasingly targeted Android-based and other mobile devices, using apps as a way in. How should professionals safeguard against this threat?

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May 5, 2017 12:43:25 PM , Tiina Saaristo

8 things I would like to have seen in Key Touch magazine

I’ll let you in on a little secret. For every article that appears in Key Touch magazine, the editors come up with ideas for at least seven more. They may work on some and realize that, for one reason or another, there isn’t a story there for a magazine. Or the idea will be postponed.

Here’s another secret – or actually, eight of them. These are 8 topics that have been presented as an idea for Key Touch and were never realized. However, I would very much have liked to see these 8 stories come to life!

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Apr 28, 2017 11:50:13 AM , Igor Vinogradoff

More excitement at CCW 2017

This time last year, I knew nothing about Critical Communications World – I hadn’t even visited it. Yet I found myself planning and producing Airbus’ presence at the show. Was I excited, scared? You bet I was.

Yet everything went well and this year, I'm still excited but no longer scared by the prospect of CCW17. There are three reasons:

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Apr 21, 2017 1:47:52 PM , Mika Myllymäki

Which apps would professionals like to use?

Let’s get one thing straight – smartphones and apps aren't just for consumers. Professional organisations, including police, fire fighters and paramedics, are using apps.

But which apps are they using and what would they like to use more of?

The second Airbus Mobile App Survey provides some of the answers.

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