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Radio solutions for police

Police organizations need modern communication solutions that meet their critical needs. Take a look at communication solutions for police.

Solutions for airports

Discover how an airport should move to LTE the professional way. See radio communications for airports.

Solutions for operators

What makes for a modern radio communications network? How to be ready for PMR evolution? Take a look at solutions for operators.

Communications for medical teams

Medical professionals can gain amazing benefits from radio communications. How? Take a look at communications for the healthcare and hospitals segment.

TETRA and Tetrapol customers

Who are the users?

Across the globe, professionals rely on their digital radios when it matters. Secure radio networks help them do their work and keep safe.

Take a look at the special Customer Stories area.

User organizations are also featured in the Reader Stories in Key Touch magazine.

Shock-proof networks

How professional radio communication helps tackle extreme circumstances.

Download the white paper to learn about challenges related to exceptional circumstances and about actual solutions that have helped emergency services cope with extreme situations across Europe and beyond.

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Solutions for fire and rescue

Radio - the critical lifeline for fire and rescue professionals. Modern paging solutions can offer many benefits. Take a look at solutions for fire and rescue.

Solutions for transport companies

Radio communication is not just an important, but a vital service for transportation companies. Take a look at solutions for transport companies.

Solutions for the energy industry

Everyday operation as well as problem solutions require efficient communications. Take a look at solutions for the energy industry.

Crisis management

You can rely on Airbus radio communication solutions in adverse situations. Take a look at robust mission-critical communications.

Latest paper

How to minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband


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TETRA radios

Browse the complete portfolio of easiest to use TETRA radio terminals.


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