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For your convenience

You need your radio through your entire work shift. It is important that it is easy to access and carry. Carry it on your lapel, waist or shoulder – or hide it for covert operations. There is a carrying solution for all these needs.

Tailor your radio using radio accessories which include

  • TETRA audio accessories
  • TETRA power accessories
  • TETRA carrying solutions
  • TETRA installation accessories
  • TETRA connectivity accessories.

A well-equipped radio is a pleasure to use.


Take a look at the wide variety of accessories available:


Carrying solutions and accessories - some examples

How do nurses and doctors carry the TH1n slimline radio? 

This video shows the easiest ways to carry TETRA radios so that they are convenient to use.

How to use the TH1n radio for covert operations

In covert operations, it is essential to have a lightweight device which is easy to hide -  equipped with the right accessories.

SPM-15 remote speaker microphone

The SPM-15 remote speaker microphone is an additional accessory for the TH9 and THR9i  handheld TETRA radios from Airbus.

An example - the handy carkit

Did you you know... Your carkit is actively helping you?

You can easily use your handheld in a vehicle thanks to its handy carkit holder.

The carkit can connect to an external antenna, which gives you more radio range. The carkit will also assist you.

When you leave the car, you just pick up the handheld from the holder and you are good to go.

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A smart choice

Do you need robust, waterproof equipment or even ATEX approved special accessories? Or do you prefer a lightweight, invisible kit? Do you need a hands-free radio?

Airbus TETRA radios have a smart connection for smart accessories.

This smart connection can handle for example a speaker microphone equipped with

  • A display
  • A GPS receiver
  • A bar code reader, or
  • Shortcut keys for status messages.

All these extra possibilities are a smart choice for you. Take a look at the available accessories:



Authorized distributors can help you find the most suitable radio accessories for your needs.

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