TCS Server

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Integration of professional apps

TETRA Connectivity Server, TCS Server, offers the deepest level of integration to a TETRA network for applications.

Full access to TETRA services

TETRA Connectivity Server offers the following:

  • TCS Server is the access point for all services in the entire network through the TCS API
  • It is also the access point for selected services in the entire network through the TCS Web Service Interface
  • TCS Server provides an environment where service access and service creation are fast, secure and cost-effective
  • There is flexible scalability and upgradability as the network grows.

There is also a partner program which actively supports application development.

How to use the TCS Server?

Use the TCS Server for the following -

  • Integrating new or existing applications and systems into the TETRA system. Command and control systems, for example.
  • Implement specific applications, such as positioning solutions or telemetry systems.
  • Implement functions more cost-efficiently. For example, your application could use short messages for database requests.

Download datasheet

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