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    Building a greener future

    Airbus aims to help build a greener future by developing products and solutions that do not pollute or damage the environment.

    As part of Airbus, Public Safety and Security (formerly Secure Land Communications / SLC) has adopted policies to ensure its products help rather than harm the environment:

    • Develop innovative solutions that reduce waste and pollution
    • Manage activities, products and services to minimise environmental impact

    Focus areas

    Public Safety and Security products and solutions make customers' operations more efficient, more effective and safer for field staff. A big part of that vision is environmental sustainability.


    Eco-design plays a central role at each stage of the product life cycle — from design and manufacturing, to purchase and use, to end-of-life processing and disposal. For example: 

    • Public Safety and Security products are compliant with EU and Chinese Airbus TETRA radio coverslegislation on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
    • New features can be introduced remotely, cutting the need for transport
    • Public Safety and Security aims to make at least 65% of its products’ components recyclable

    These everyday environmental improvements are achieved through an Environmental Management System (EMS).

    Energy efficient products

    Airbus aims to improve energy efficiency by 10% and has developed various energy-saving products to achieve this.

    As an example, the Taira TETRA server offers the same DXTA TETRA Serverpowerful features as the former DXT-series switches and the current DXTA server for big systems, yet is much smaller.

    This saves site space, cooling demand and energy, dramatically reducing the Taira TETRA Server’s carbon footprint over its lifetime.

    Little things can make a big difference

    Airbus strives towards higher standards through voluntary agreements and certifications, aiming to offer its customers a growing range of high quality, responsibly designed products.

    Minimizing material and energy use

    Airbus is taking big steps to reduce manufacturing and packing materials, as well as the energy used for manufacturing.

    One example is packaging, which uses recyclable or responsibly sourced material whenever possible.
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    Responsible sourcing

    Airbus expects its suppliers to commit to sustainability and to adhere to similar good working standards and business ethics.

    • The top tier suppliers shall have a certified Environmental Management System (EMS).
    • Their performance is audited regularly by external auditors.

    Respecting environmental laws

    Airbus complies with all applicable environmental laws and policies. As such, it strives to build sustainable products and protect the safety and health of employees, customers and the public.

    Global manufacturing partners and vendors must also follow sound environmental practices in their facilities, operations and the products they manufacture for Airbus.
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    Harnessing the power of people

    Environmental responsibility is a global cause that requires us all to pitch in. That's why the ideas, capabilities and commitment of Public Safety and Security’s 1,600+ employees around the world are crucial.

    By continuously developing environmental policies and performance, and encouraging people to share their ideas, Public Safety and Security and its partners and customers can work together to protect our environment.


    If you have any questions about Airbus Public Safety and Security and the environment, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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