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Communication solutions for airports

  • The number of air passengers is on the rise.
  • The volume of air cargo is increasing.
  • And security challenges continue to grow.

Everyday operations in such a difficult environment require efficient mobile communications.

What's more, people work in teams and need to exchange information and data in groups. A mission critical communication system is therefore the foundation of smart connected airports of the future.

You should choose a hybrid solution which cleverly complements TETRA radio communication with commercial broadband networks.


Discover how an airport should move to LTE the professional way

Why choose digital radio communications?

When you choose digital radio communications, your organization can take advantage from a number of benefits. For example:

Streamline operations

Running a major airport requires communications just as a big event does — the Olympic Games, maybe — but every day, day in, day out.

Serve your airports' complex radio communication needs with Virtual Private Networks. Your many different airport user groups can each have the experience of using their own private network.

Save money

Minimizing the costs is a natural priority for implementing and operating large projects.

With a modern communication solution, airports can improve the efficiency of their operations, thus saving money.

Manage flights

Busy airports manage hundreds of flights a day, each requiring dozens of employees to communicate with each other.

With a modern radio network, dispatchers can set up temporary talk groups for each flight, remotely over the air.

A person serving several flights can follow communications in all her groups by using the priority-scanning feature on her TETRA radio.

Improve security

Radio networks from Airbus offer dozens of security features that help airports meet their security requirements, including:

  • Emergency call
  • Radio terminal and network authentication
  • Air-interface encryption
  • End-to-end encryption

Before investing in a communications system

Are you considering the purchase of a new communication system? As a buyer, you can best ensure your investment if you get five important considerations right.

There's a guide that tells you how: 5 things you need to know when investing in a radio network

Download now

Guide: 5 things you need to know before investing

What about the future?

Why choose TETRA?

What's the future of TETRA? After all, broadband technologies such as LTE offer great possibilities. New multimedia-enriched messaging or video transmissions from the field can bring new efficiencies to everyday operations.

Where does trusty TETRA fit in these scenarios?

The answer: TETRA and LTE complement each other. And there are 50 ways that TETRA can provide the long-term support you need. Download this eBook to learn the 50 ways:


How to move to broadband?

How should an airport move to LTE the professional way? Learn how an airport can adopt the hybrid network model and secure its existing investments in communications.

Download this paper

Success stories

Busy airports manage hundreds of flights a day, each requiring dozens of employees to communicate with each other.

With the help of digital radio communications from Airbus, many airports around the world have improved the efficiency of their operations.

Case: Düsseldorf airport

Sometimes it’s not important to know the name of the person you’re talking to.

Learn how the teams at Düsseldorf airport work — thanks to the dynamic, role oriented communication system set up in their TETRA radios.

Case: Beijing airport

Digital PMR radios now support the smooth running of Beijing airport, one of the world's busiest airports.

Discover why Beijing airport changed from analog to digital and which have been the benefits.

Case: Sri Lanka airport

Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) is enjoying improved security and more efficient co-operation between different departments — thanks to its new digital communications system.

Learn more about secure communications for airports — download this success story:

Smartphone users in professional operations?

Smartphones and other smart devices are so common today that there have to be ways to include their users also in professional operations.

Special solutions from Airbus now make it possible —

Learn more: Go to Tactilon Agnet product page

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TETRA groups outside the airport

In practice, the Tactilon Agnet smartphone app can enlarge the operational area beyond your airport. This can give you many new opportunities.

Tactilon Agnet app

Tactilon Agnet is fully integrated into the Airbus TETRA system, making the use of existing processes and systems very easy.

Before choosing a solution

Are you thinking about a new radio communication system?

Buying a network is a major decision.

As a buyer, you consider five things that can affect your everyday operations. 

This guide gives you the questions to ask to avoid problems later on: 
5 things you need to know when choosing a solution for secure radio communications

Download now

Guide: 5 things you need to know when choosing a solution


Popular solutions

Claricor® for smart communications

Claricor radio communication system is the smart choice for airport installations.

  • Claricor is very compact in size
  • It sets up quickly
  • It still packs the punch of a full-sized system.

Claricor can be easily expanded as the needs grow.

TETRA radios

Whatever the job or situation at the airport, there is a radio that is up to the task.

When your organization uses both a TETRA radio system and TETRA radios delivered by Airbus, you can benefit from a number of synergies.


Tactilon Dabat - Smart. Strong. Secure.

Tactilon Dabat is more than a smartphone. Tactilon Dabat is more than a PMR radio.

Tactilon Dabat is world’s first - a smartphone and a full TETRA radio in one device.


Task management made easy

ROCS, the Role Oriented Communication System from Mentura Group lets users make a call by using the flight number and the person’s role, without knowing their name or radio number. Discover how Düsseldorf airport uses the solution:
Get the success story

More airport cases

In addition, the following airports are covered by a radio network provided by Airbus:
  • Berlin airports Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF)
  • Zürich (ZRH)
  • Sharjah International Airport (SHJ)
  • Bahrain Airport (BAH)
  • Dubai (DXB)
  • Zhengzhou Airport (CGO)
  • Xi'an Airport (XIY)
  • Linyi Airpor (LYI)
  • JiNan Airport (TNA)
  • Chengdu Airport (CTU)
  • Guangzhou Airport (CAN)
  • Shanghai Airport (PVG)
  • Tianjin Airport (TSN)
  • Hambantota Airport (HRI) in Sri Lanka

Case: Helsinki Airport

More than 50 organisations took part in major disaster exercise at Helsinki’s Vantaa airport.

Helsinki airport case study
Learn how the Finnish public safety network VIRVE can handle it — whether it's exercise or real emergency.

Get the success story

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