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Fire and rescue

Modern communications for fire and rescue services

Better situational picture

Imagine an incident involving fire at a football match. A situation that could have serious consequences.

Thanks to modern, hybrid communications and smart apps, authorities can get a full situational picture. Via live video feed, the field commander gets a view of the spectators and on the traffic situation near stadium entrances. The field commander can even monitor the physical condition of the team: their heart rate and oxygen levels, for example.

Communications are your critical lifeline in any situation and connected intelligence gives you better situational awareness.

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Video: How authorities cooperate with apps. The best of 4G/5G broadband technology in a secure and resilient environment -


Firefighter with Tactilon Agnet

Smartphones in professional operations

Smart fire services are looking for ways to include smart device users in operations – in a secure, controlled way. One way is through a professional group communication application such as Tactilon Agnet.

The Tactilon Agnet push-to-talk app can connect teams seamlessly whether the members are carrying a TETRA/Tetrapol radio or a smartphone – or even an analogue radio or a smartphone.

Your talk groups in smartphones

Adopt Tactilon Agnet 800 smartphone app and your smartphone-carrying staff can communicate in their TETRA groups – like they would on a radio. Tactilon Agnet 800 works seamlessly with Airbus TETRA system, so adopting smartphones will not mean you have to change existing processes and systems.

Learn more: Go to Tactilon Agnet 800 product page

Get the best of broadband

Video: Secure push-to-talk for public safety. How to get the best of 4G/5G broadband technology in a secure and resilient environment -

See Tactilon Dabat and Tactilon Agnet in action. 

Smart devices and Tetrapol radios

Adopt Tactilon Agnet 900 smartphone app and your staff can use their smart devices to communicate in their Tetrapol groups. Tactilon Agnet 900 can work seamlessly with your Tetrapol system, and you will not have to modify existing processes and systems.

Learn more: Go to Tactilon Agnet 900 product page

Bridge to broadband

Tetrapol networks make it possible to implement a hybrid model using a variety of gateways which enable interoperability between Tetrapol and broadband networks.



New possibilities with apps

Mobile apps can play an essential role in public safety operations.



The Kaleidos app gives first responders an easy access to information about 5,000 hazardous substances and what measures to take in case of an emergency.

asign server

ASIGN video app

ASIGN apps and web services provide highest definition geospatial photo and video communications with lowest capacity. It is suitable for hybrid TETRA, cellular and satellite networks.

Visual Accident Perimeter app

The Visual Accident Perimeter app visualises the scene of the incident in real-time, using video and augmented reality (AR) technology. Quickly assess the situation and make better informed decisions.

Where are professional apps heading?

Get the latest professional mobile apps trends from the sixth annual mobile apps survey report by Airbus.

Video gives a better view

Several companies in the Airbus SmarTWISP apps ecosystem offer video streaming/sharing solutions:



The NSION-Core app lets public safety and other professionals share real-time videos from the field.

Learn more →

Soliton Systems

Soliton Systems' app can provide secure streaming of live video from a first responder's on-board camera to the command centre.

Learn more →


ASIGN apps and web services provide highest definition geospatial photo and video communications with lowest capacity.

Learn more →


Pincident makes it easy for the general public to report incidents and get notifications about incidents.

Learn more →


Mesensei Private Social Networks is a decentralised platform for communities to communicate, network, and organise events in their private, mobile social media.

Learn more →

VStream Mobile

The VStream Mobile app lets you securely stream live video to and from your handset over a range of low bandwidth networks (2G/3G) as well as over 4G and satellite.

Learn more →

New technologies now

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence AI, Virtual Reality VR, and Augmented Reality AR offer new options for public safety apps, such as

  • Tracking of vehicles, assets and resources
  • Messaging in talk groups
  • Camera and video recording, streaming and sharing
  • Call taking
  • Command and Control in the office and in the field.

Virtual Reality today

VR and AR will play an increasingly important role in the very near future for rescue services, firefighters, and others.


What could virtual reality mean for you professionally - right now? This blog post reveals the answer.

Real-time intelligence

Do you recognize this problem?

When firefighters arrive at an incident, they want to get on with saving lives and property. They don’t want to wade through reams of paper to find the vital information they need. Yet this is the situation facing many firefighters even today.

Firefighters have to bring with them all kinds of information on paper - operational instructions; drawings and diagrams; instructions to find the key locker of the building. On the way to the incident, or at the incident scene, they have to browse through thick bunches of paper. Many times, those papers are not even the right ones. Too often, they have to use the radio to check things with the command center.

SAFEcommand - a better way

A better way would be to automatically get the vital information needed for tackling an incident, without having to shuffle manually through stacks of paperwork that may be out of date. This is exactly what SAFEcommand can deliver.

SAFEcommand is a system that provides real-time location intelligence for staff and vehicles.

Easy access to resources

SAFEcommand puts frontline fire crews in direct contact with the command and control room via a vehicle-based computer.

They also have easy access to important resources such as:

  • tactical plans
  • risk information
  • standard operating procedures.

The firefighter only needs to tap on the map display, which is centered on the incident. Users, both in the vehicles and in the command and control room, have information on the incident available immediately.


Success stories

With the help of digital radio communications from Airbus, fire services around the world have improved the efficiency of their operations.


Case: Active paging – a success in Hesse

Active paging which transforms paging into two way communication. An active pager allows the alerted people to let the control centre know if they are available.

As a result of co-operation the German state of Hesse and Airbus, the P8GR active pager is set to transform the way firefighters and other emergency staff work.

Read the whole story: Active paging – a proven success

Video: Fire crews at Dubai Airport

What is the key to reaching all fire crews at Dubai Airport?

How to respond and safely deal with any incident on the airfield? Wayne Ditchburn, Senior Manager, Operational Support at Dubai Airport explains how fire services ensure that important messages get through to all crews. Surprisingly, the same thing helps the Fire Services comply with GCAA regulations, reveals Richard Green, Head of Fire Services at Dubai Airport.


Case: South Tyrol Civil Protection

Known for its beautiful landscape and excellent food, South Tyrol is an autonomous province of Italy. The local public safety professionals use TETRA radio communications - the network is shared by many different user organizations.

They used to have 45 separate radio communication systems for various needs. Today’s shared TETRA network has cut maintenance costs significantly.

Read the whole customer story on South Tyrol Civil Protection

More references

With the help of digital radio communications from Airbus, fire services around the world have improved the efficiency of their operations.

Fire and rescue organizations use a nationwide public safety network in the following countries:

France (INTP network), Germany (BOS), Finland (VIRVE), Sweden (RAKEL), Belgium (ASTRID), Spain (SIRDEE), Mexico (IRIS), Switzerland (POLYCOM), Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates

Fire and rescue services have a network of their own or use a regional public safety networks in the following countries:

China -
Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong Fire Service network

Spain -
Catalonia (RESCAT), Murcia (RADIECARM), Navarra (RTDD), Valencia (COMDES), Galicia, Madrid

Italy -
South Tyrol


Case: Vast forest fire

Emergencies are just what Sweden’s TETRA-based Rakel network was designed for and there is no hotter emergency than a huge forest fire. The summer of 2014 saw just such an emergency: Sweden’s largest forest fire in more than 40 years. At its worst, the fire raged over some 15,000 square kilometers – an area more than a quarter the size of Switzerland.

Read the whole article →

Choose hybrid communications

Tactilon Dabat is a smartphone and a full TETRA radio in one device. It is smart, strong and secure.

  • Use it as a TETRA radio for critical communications
  • Use it as a smartphone for mobile applications and special professional apps.

In addition, Tactilon Dabat offers Hybrid Roaming. Running Tactilon Agnet app, Tactilon Dabat can automatically move from using the TETRA network to using a 4G/5G network or vice versa.

Learn more: Go to Tactilon Dabat product page

Hybrid roaming

Hybrid roaming means that the user will be able to communicate as long as there is either TETRA or 4G/5G network service available. 


Thanks to hybrid roaming, Tactilon Dabat users are not restricted to stay within TETRA coverage.

Robust radios

Your radio is your trusted tool and a critical lifeline in a hazardous situation.

Think about your own job and daily tasks. How do you use your radio and what are your daily routines? What are your needs and preferences?

Whatever you need, choose smart solutions.



Ex-tremely safe handheld for areas where sparks or overheating could endanger a life.

Learn more about the THR9 Ex TETRA radio, designed for use in hazardous environments such as oil plants, gas pipelines and refinery plants.

TH9 handportable

Take a look: Power in the hand with the TH9 handheld TETRA radio

The TH9 handportable is simple and intuitive to use. The 1.8W output power is plenty, and two battery options will keep your powered all shift long.


THR880i plus TETRA radio

The THR880i plus handheld is thoroughly designed to use without looking. It introduces improved positioning technology (GNSS) and brings users more operational time. 

TPH900 Tetrapol radio

The TPH900 is the latest Tetrapol handheld with advanced features. These features can help officers do their jobs more easily and safely.

Buying TETRA radios?

Be smarter about buying TETRA radios

If you are looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start. Download this eBook and learn to write your radio RFP/RFQ so that you will get what you really need:

Download my radio buyer's guide

You may also want to read this blog post: How to solve TETRA radio buyers' top 5 problems

Manage your radios - and more

Manage and configure with Taqto®

The Taqto tool is the smart choice because it makes it so much simpler for you to manage the following:

  • TETRA radios
  • TETRA data devices
  • Tactilon Dabat devices
  • TETRA Identity Modules (TSIM cards)
  • Tactilon Agnet 800 apps

Taqto saves you time and money

You no longer have to send the radios to a service point for updates. You can manage thousands of radios with a single click. Update their software, or set new parameters.

When your mission starts with Taqto

Watch video: Taqto - Smart terminal management -



Some firefighters like to use a throat speaker microphone or a talk device for hearing protectors. For heavy use, high capacity batteries are also available. Browse the catalogues for radio accessories and find ways to make your radio even more comfortable to use -


Most popular -

Helmet audio accessories with separate large PTT buttons connected to the radio. Find more PTT accessories in the TETRA accessory catalogue.

Also popular -

Radio headsets are clearly some of the most sought after accessories. Find ways to make your radio more comfortable to use: browse the TETRA accessory catalogue.

Complement your communications


Prepare and prevent

Fight against man-made fires with a powerful social media search and interpretation engine. Use Fortion® Media Mining to collect and analyse huge amounts of unstructured text, images, audio and video contents. It can translate automatically, identify speakers, and recognize connections between persons of interest.

Detect and respond

Satellite images or drones can provide tireless coverage for huge areas and for high-threat areas. After detecting a fire, they provide immediate situational awareness. Your response times and mission times can be shortened thanks to early detection. This leads to less damage and better protection of people.



New ideas for paging

It's time to think about paging in a new way. A pager does not have to be a one-way beeper. Opt for active, two-way paging today and you can get so much more!

An active pager allows the alerted people to let the control centre know if they are available.

Are you a volunteer firefighter? Then the P8GR active TETRA pager is ideal for you. 

Der P8GR aktive TETRA-Pager kann Ihr Paging-Problem lösen.

Handpicked tips for you


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There’s no room for running out of battery in critical situations. Before you bring smartphones or hybrid devices into professional use, check these five essentials you need to know about their battery life.



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You may have thought that some smart apps could make your work a lot easier and more efficient. But would it be a good idea? How do consumer apps differ from professional apps?

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