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Fire and rescue

To connect, control and protect

Your critical lifeline

Your radio is your trusted tool and a critical lifeline in a hazardous situation.

Think about your own job and daily tasks. How do you use your radio and what are your daily routines? What are your needs and preferences?

Whatever you need, choose smart solutions.

Robust radio communications


Ex-tremely safe handheld for areas where sparks or overheating could endanger a life.

Learn more about the THR9 Ex TETRA radio, designed for use in hazardous environments such as oil plants, gas pipelines and refinery plants.

TH9 handportable

Take a look: Power in the hand with the TH9 handheld TETRA radio

The TH9 is simple and intuitive to use. The 1.8W output power is plenty, and two battery options will keep your powered all shift long.

TPH900 Tetrapol radio

The TPH900 is the latest Tetrapol handheld with advanced features. These features can help officers do their jobs more easily and safely.

TETRA paging

Active paging transforms paging into two-way communication. An active pager allows the alerted people to let the control centre know if they are available.

Are you a volunteer firefighter? Then the P8GR active TETRA pager is ideal for you.

What about the (near) future?

What is the one thing about virtual reality and emergency response that virtually no-one knows about? 

Luis Zuniga Mayorga from Airbus reveals something surprising about virtual reality (VR) and emergency response. VR and AR will play an increasingly important role in the very near future for rescue services, firefighters, and others.

Video interview from Critical Communications World 2018



Who are the users?

TETRA and Tetrapol users

Fire and rescue organizations around the world use radios from Airbus - Take a look at Customer Stories on Public Safety networks

Fire and rescue organizations are also featured in the Reader Stories in Key Touch magazine

User story

In France, firemen keep in touch via Tetrapol — even in 700-metre-deep river gorges.

Download "Keep in touch everywhere" Key Touch magazine article and learn how!


Buying TETRA radios?

Be smarter about buying TETRA radios

If you are looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start. Download this eBook and learn to write your radio RFP/RFQ so that you will get what you really need:


You may also want to read this blog post: How to make sure you get the PMR radios you need


Helmet audio accessories with a separate large PTT button connected to the radio are widely used.

Some firefighters like to use a throat speaker microphone or a talk device for hearing protectors. For heavy use, high capacity batteries are also available.

Browse the catalogues for radio accessories and find ways to make your radio even more comfortable to use -

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New ideas for paging

It's time to think about paging in a new way. A pager does not have to be a one-way beeper. Paging today can offer much more!

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