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Mobile Network Operators and critical communications

Critical communications users have very demanding needs, but offer new business opportunities for mobile network operators.

Most critical communications services are still running on dedicated narrowband networks – digital or analogue. However, the introduction of LTE/4G/5G technologies is driving broadband adoption also for critical communications.

Selling a private 5G network to an enterprise or public sector customer is a one-off deal. In contrast, selling critical communications services guarantees a steady flow of revenue on top. This is an opportunity for Mobile Network Operators.

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New business opportunity

The main difference between consumer and critical communications is that the latter needs to involve a group of people. These people are professionals who need to reach the team at the push of a button. They also need their communications to be available and secure at all times.

Mobile Network Operators are key players in the critical communications evolution to broadband. MNOs already offer mobile subscriptions to enterprises and to the public sector – and now, with the new LTE/4G/5G capabilities, they can offer mission-critical broadband push-to-talk, multimedia messaging and push-to-video features as well.

In fact, MNOs are among the few actors who really can enable the broadband services that critical enterprises and the public sector need – and they can also provide the necessary end-to-end service.

Who uses critical communications?

Critical communications users include police and other public safety professionals. Certain businesses also need critical communications, such as public transportation, energy companies and airports. These business critical users aim to maintain a critical infrastructure and safeguard significant economic value.

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Three trends driving the change

Critical communications can be an attractive opportunity for MNOs. According to a 2022 report by SNS Telecom & IT, global investments in LTE and 5G network infrastructure for critical communications will surpass $1,6 Billion by the end of 2022 and grow at a CAGR of approximately 13% between 2022 and 2025.

There are three important trends that are changing the way professionals think about critical communications:



LTE/4G/5G are core technologies that help critical communications users move to the broadband era with solutions that provide the required features with a high degree of availability, priority, pre-emption, resilience, security, and wide coverage.


Changing user behaviors

When off duty, professionals use smart devices and they are keen to use them on duty as well. They are ready to adopt broadband capabilities in their daily work as well. Apps are easy and straightforward to use – almost everyone knows how to use smart apps.


Increasing need for data and information

Professionals are increasingly using video, images and other data in their duties. It has become clear that this information needs to be integrated in their operational communications. The way to achieve this is through an advanced, smart PTT service.

MNOs hold the key

MNOs are in key position to enable the next-generation, 3GPP compliant broadband services that enterprises and the public sector need. And these customers will welcome a one-stop-shop approach.

What’s needed in a mission-critical service?

Smart MNOs will gain new business opportunities when they offer a mission-critical service that meets the following requirements:

  • Turnkey, end-to-end solution that combines the capabilities of professional networks and the broadband communications of LTE/4G/5G networks, including integrations with devices, accessories and apps
  • Designed for users who need critical communications, end-to-end security, real-time location tracking and emergency alerting capabilities
  • A cloud-based service with rapid start-up at a low cost
  • Designed to work in a hybrid environment so that the customer can move from PMR to broadband easily and smoothly
  • Built according to 3GPP standards
  • Smooth and easy to integrate into the MNO’s systems
  • Just as easy to integrate into the customers’ systems and applications.

Ticks all the boxes

Does the list of requirements sound like a tall order?

Perhaps, but Agnet from Airbus ticks all the boxes. It is fully compatible with LTE and future-proof for 4G/5G as well.

With Agnet from Airbus, a MNO can offer the necessary cloud based, smart mission-critical services which deliver far more than push-to-talk to the public sector and enterprise users.

The MNO does not need different teams, new know-how or changes in cost structures to offer Agnet to its customers.


Agnet can run in any kind of smart device: smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.



Why Agnet?

One stop shop approach is important for enterprises and public sector organizations. MNOs can get new revenue if they include mission-critical services as an integral part of the mobile broadband services they already offer to these organizations. Agnet can be the core element and the platform for collaboration during the organizations' digitalization initiatives.


So many features

Agnet solution delivers strong multimedia and mission-critical communication capabilities to use on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Both group and individual communications are available through a simple and intuitive interface, with high-quality voice, data and video messaging and transmission, push-to-talk and video calls.

Agnet is a true situational awareness app, complete with with end-to-end encryption E2EE, real-time location tracking and emergency alerting capabilities.



When the mission-critical solution has native integrations to most common provisioning and billing systems, it is easy for MNOs to include such a service in their portfolio and offer a variety of mission-critical services as a value-add on top of mobile subscriptions and other business applications. Agnet meets this requirement.

User data is sensitive information to  professional organizations. Offering Agnet means that the MNO’s customers can manage their mission-critical subscriptions privately. This is really a win-win option.


Attractive add-ons

Agnet includes an application development platform which allows customer organizations or third-party developers to design apps that complement its services. For example, it is possible to integrate production systems, site surveillance, sensors, fingerprint readers and many more into the end-to-end solution based on Agnet.


So easy to adopt

As a cloud-based service, Agnet is easy to adopt, with an extremely low start-up cost. Adoption has a low threshold also because Agnet supports hybrid solutions. Organizations can use their legacy systems while they experience the advantages of broadband capabilities.

Building your success

Would you like to offer mission-critical services to professional organizations? Perhaps you need more information on their special needs? And how Agnet can help you win these customers?

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Flexible ways to deploy mission-critical services

MNOs can choose how to deploy mission-critical communication services (MCS). The best option depends on the Service Level Agreements between the MNO and their enterprise and public sector customers, and using Agnet, MNOs have the choice of the best option.


The SaaS solution

The Software as a Service solution is offered Over-the-Top (OTT) and the Agnet service is hosted on Airbus cloud servers. The MNO only has to add the Agnet licences to its commercial and sales offer. Airbus will take care of all aspects related to provisioning, operation, monitoring, and software updates.

Agnet Core Architecture

Agnet Core Architecture gives the MNO the possibility to offer true mission-critical services to its customers. MNO will install Agnet servers in its data centers. The servers have direct interfaces to the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) – for example an Rx interface – and there is a Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) that is responsible for managing the Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

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