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Convenient and safe public transportation is used by billions of people every day. Communication and collaboration is a vital service that transportation companies need to fulfill the high expectations of their customers.

Passengers value flexibility, reliability and low cost when choosing transportation. The same criteria are important when selecting solutions for transport communications.

Effective communication means that the right people can share the right information with the right people at the right time.

Learn how your company could adopt 4G/5G the professional way

Make the smart move to the hybrid world and secure your existing investments in communications. This paper explains how.

Expert advice: How to be smart about hybrid communication networks

Are you ready for broadband?

Smart transportation companies are looking for ways to include smart device users in professional operations – in a secure, controlled way. It is also important that teams and functions can connect seamlessly whether team members are carrying a digital radio, an analogue radio or a smartphone.

Choose the Tactilon Agnet collaboration solution and your transportation company can also have interoperability with a variety of radio communication networks.


Smart collaboration over 4G/5G

Do you want to complement an analogue radio network or take the leap directly to pure 4G/5G environment? Adopt Tactilon Agnet 500, a cloud-based, advanced push-to-talk service.

Learn more: Go to Tactilon Agnet 500 product page >>

Don’t compromise the security of your communication or the efficiency of your operations: choose Tactilon Agnet.

Man uses Tactilon Agnet in metro environment

Go hybrid with your TETRA

Does your company use TETRA for secure communications? Make your system future-ready by adopting the Tactilon Agnet 800 smartphone app. It works seamlessly with Airbus TETRA system, and you will not have to change existing talk groups, processes and systems.

Learn more: Go to Tactilon Agnet 800 product page >>

Your TETRA and 4G/5G can complement each other, and this gives you many new opportunities.

3 vital requirements

Effective collaboration solutions and LTE/4G/5G broadband technologies offer great possibilities. New multimedia-enriched messaging or video transmissions can bring new efficiencies to everyday operations.


1 - Keeping in touch.

Drivers are on the move and they may work on a different vehicle or train every day. They may even switch vehicles during a shift.

They can carry a smartphone or a radio, and participate in all necessary communications. The device will know which teams the driver needs to talk to.


2 - Excellent coverage.

For metros in particular, radio coverage is also needed in tunnels, which limit the propagation of radio waves. You need to set up indoor coverage so that your teams can communicate in your operational area.

In addition, you can extend communication coverage outside your normal operational area, with smart devices. Tactilon Dabat, Tactilon Agnet, and the Hybrid Roaming feature are just one example of your options.


3 - Reliable contact.

Whether operating on the ground or underground (or both), safety demands instant, reliable, two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers, stations and security personnel.

When you choose your communications solution, make sure it is a hybrid or broadband solution with dispatching interfaces.

Get more with apps

These are just two examples of apps that could bring benefits for your transportation company. There are many more apps to choose from, all designed for Tactilon Dabat dual-mode device. Browse all applications:

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Protection for track workers

The TWP app from Intelligence on Wheels warns staff working on tracks when a train is approaching — even when there is no 3G/4G/5G network coverage.

Instead of depending on warning horns, each person is alerted via their own smart device, using sounds, visuals and vibration. There is no need for a person to stand watch – the app does it all. It saves lives while also cutting costs.


Positioning inside stations

Do we have enough staff in this area? Has a security guard checked this area? Where exactly is a certain team member? These are questions which the Steerpath indoor positioning app can answer. It allows you to locate staff and assets inside stations and other buildings.

What others are looking at

Whatever the job or situation, there is an Airbus product that is up to the task.

New group communication can include video

New group communications

Tactilon Agnet brings secure group communication on your smart devices

Tactilon Agnet scales flexibly from a push-to-talk app to an extensive group collaboration solution. Your staff and teams can be connected even when they use different devices and technologies.

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The hybrid device

Tactilon Dabat is a hybrid device: a smartphone and TETRA radio in one.

When your organization introduces broadband and also continues to use its existing TETRA system, Tactilon Dabat can bring you significant benefits.

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Security person carrying a TH9 TETRA radio

The rugged TETRA handheld

The TH9 is a robust handheld and a preferred choice for demanding professionals. IP65 is one of the key criteria for these users and TH9 offers this level of protection.

Check the technical details for the rugged TH9:

Get the TH9 datasheet

RCS 9500 TETRA dispatching solution

RCS 9500 dispatching solution

RCS 9500 - the next generation dispatching solution - lets you build a user interface that suits the way your organization actually works. 

View RCS 9500 details

Number one secret technique

What is the number one secret technique for improving communications in a transportation company?

Lionel Marciano from Airbus gives a valuable tip for a transportation company.

He reveals how a metro company or a railway company could improve the communications and collaboration among and between work teams.

Watch this video -

The number one secret technique for improving communications:



With the help of digital communication solutions from Airbus, transportation companies around the world have improved the efficiency of their operations.

The following are just a few examples of successful transportation companies who have adopted solutions from Airbus:

  • Shenzhen Metro Corporation, China
  • Guangzhou Metro Corporation, China
  • Beijing Metro, China
  • Helsinki Metro, Finland
  • Public transportation in Paris (RATP), France
  • Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Germany
  • Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB), Germany
  • Jaipur Metro, India
  • Oslo public transportation, Norway
  • Malaga metro, Spain
  • Dubai metro, UAE

Case: On the right track

In buzzing capitals such as Oslo and Helsinki, smooth public transportation makes all the rush hour difference. Adopting a mission-critical communication system from Airbus has helped these two cities to take care of the commuting business.

Find out more:  Open "On the right track" article from Key Touch magazine



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