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    NEW executive briefing

    How to minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband

    7 proven reasons why smooth evolution is the better way


    Get your copy today!

    Public safety and other professional organizations around the world want mobile broadband to be part of their communications. This executive briefing explains how to make a success of introducing mission-critical broadband to public safety.

    Survey report

    Professional apps - what do users need right now?

    The latest Airbus mobile app survey took an in-depth look at how professional organizations go about getting apps, how they use them, what their priorities are and what they expect of their app vendors.

    The results deliver new insights. What are they? Download the report and find out!

    Download survey report

    Now download the report that summarises the findings from the latest Airbus survey on mobile apps and see if you agree with the findings:


    White papers

    Shock-proof networks

    Learn how reliable, professional radio communication helps first responders tackle extreme circumstances.

    This white paper describes challenges related to exceptional situations and actual solutions that have helped emergency services cope with extreme situations.

    Why Secure MVNO is your next smart move

    Adopt LTE while maintaining control. Download this white paper and the following questions will be answered:

    What are the options for a PMR network operator to adopt new broadband solutions? What is the best way? What can be done right away? And why is it so important to maintain control?

    How to get more from your TETRA network and build your future, too

    Start your future today! Get expert advice for step 1 in your PMR evolution from TETRA to broadband.

    How to succeed in PMR evolution - the smart way

    Using apps that provide data and video in the field can mean better efficiency and safety for the users. This document gives pointers for driving and planning the introduction of mobile broadband and mobile apps.

    How to manage smartphone risks

    Learn what every professional should know about the threats and risks related to smartphones - download "How to manage smartphone risks for professional users"

    Sur la voie du broadband

    Le choix optimal pour développer un réseau hybride Tetrapol-LTE

    Why service quality is something to think about today

    Know how your network is performing - how to overcome the new challenges that critical communications service operators face related to controlling the service quality in a hybrid network environment. 


    How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

    RENEWED eBook: How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios – Write a better radio RFQ/RFP and get what you need.

    If you’re looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, this document is a good place to start. Download this eBook and learn to write your radio RFP/RFQ so you'll get what you really need!

    5 ways a TETRA radio can save you money

    Wouldn’t you like to get better operations… and save money? There are five radio features that can deliver these benefits.

    Take full advantage of the radio network you use. Download this eBook and check that your radios – or the ones you are thinking to buy – deliver the five features that can save you money.

    50 ways TETRA will provide the long-term support you need

    This eBook tells you why TETRA continues to be the right investment for any organization looking for a secure, truly mission-critical communication system.

    Download the eBook and learn the 50 reasons why TETRA can - and will - continue far into the future!

    Hybrid networks related exec briefings

    How to minimize risks when introducing mission-critical broadband

    Many authorities and public safety organisations would like mobile broadband to be part of their communications. This executive briefing explains how to make a success of introducing mission-critical broadband to public safety.

    How an airport should move to LTE the professional way

    Download this executive briefing and learn how an airport can adopt the hybrid network model and secure its existing investments in communications.

    How metro companies can be smart about hybrid networks

    Expert advice for metro companies who want to be successful -

    Download this executive briefing and you will learn how to complement your TETRA network with broadband and adopt the hybrid approach. 

    How mining companies should adopt TETRA and LTE

    The hybrid model means that the mining company can continue to use a TETRA network for mission-critical voice and data and introduce mobile broadband services step-by-step.

    This paper explains how this hybrid model can best be achieved.

    Quality of Service in 4G/5G networks

    Quality of Service (QoS) is a prerequisite for critical communications services. Learn about the prioritization mechanisms which need to be available also in commercial mobile network operators' (MNO) networks used by mission-critical users - and more!

    Bringing mission-critical broadband on 4G/5G networks

    Download this paper and you will learn what is needed to bring mission-critical broadband to life on 4G/5G networks.

    Managing priorities in LTE networks

    Priorities are important for ensuring that public safety users and public safety apps get the service they need - even when a network is congested. How to ensure that public safety apps get the priority they need?

    Lucrative opportunities for MNOs

    The critical communications market is open for business – Lucrative opportunities for mobile network operators


    Five things you need to know when investing in a new radio network

    Are you planning to buy a new radio system? Be sure to look at five key things related to the investment.

    Five things you need to know when choosing a solution for secure radio communications

    What about your day-to-day operations?

    Do not make a shortsighted choice for your new radio communication system. Instead, consider five important things that can affect your everyday operations.

    Myth-busting 5 wrong ideas about TETRA in hospitals

    This guide tells you the truth about five common but wrong ideas about TETRA radio communication in hospitals and in medical care.

    Guide to Tetrapol IP migration

    IP migration paves the way to public safety broadband. Download this detailed guide and find out why IP migration is important and why it's an important step to take.


    Shape the future of professional communications

    Mobile Network Operator: Download this brochure to learn how you can grow your business and expand your portfolio with collaboration solutions.

    Tactilon Agnet

    Tactilon Agnet is a professional group communication solution that lets smartphone users contact their teams at the touch of a button. Learn more by downloading the product brochure!

    Tactilon Dabat

    Tactilon Dabat is a professional smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. Download the brochure to get to know what this game changing hybrid device can do!


    TETRA radios

    Technical specification: Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and TETRA radio in one

    Technische Spezifikationen: Tactilon Dabat, Smartphone und TETRA-Funkgerät in einem Gerät

    Datasheet: TH9 handheld TETRA radio
    Datasheet: TH1n slimline TETRA radio
    Datasheet: THR9 Ex ATEX TETRA radio
    Datasheet: Taqto for smart radio management
    Datasheet: THR880i handheld TETRA radio
    Datasheet: THR9i handheld TETRA radio
    Datasheet: TDM880i TETRA data module
    Datasheet: TMR880i TETRA mobile radio
    Datasheet: TW1m TETRA modem

    Datasheet: Taqto - Smart radio management tool 

    Tetrapol radios

    Datasheet: TPH900 handheld radio
    Datasheet: TPH700 handheld radio
    Datasheet: TPH700 Ex handheld radio

    TETRA Paging

    Datasheet: P8GR active TETRA pager

    Professional apps

    Datasheet: Tactilon Agnet – 500
    Datasheet: Tactilon Agnet – 800
    Datasheet: Tactilon Agnet – 900

    TETRA Servers

    Datasheet: Taira TETRA Server – The power of modern TETRA
    Datasheet: DXTA TETRA Server
    Datasheet: TCS TETRA Connectivity Server
    Datasheet: Configuration and Data Distribution (CDD) Server

    Datenblatt: Taira TETRA Server

    TETRA base stations

    Datasheet: TB4 hybrid base station

    Datasheet: TB3 TETRA base station
    Datasheet: TB3p mini TETRA base station
    Datasheet: TB3hp mini TETRA base station with high power
    Datasheet: TB3c – uncompromised coverage for smaller spaces

    Datenblatt: TB3p Mini TETRA Basisstation

    TETRA networks and elements

    Datasheet: Claricor 7.2 TETRA system

    Datasheet: RCS9500 next generation dispatching solution
    Datasheet: Viewcor puts Big Data to use
    Datasheet: TETRA Element Monitor ElMo
    Datasheet: NetBOSS XT for TETRA
    Datasheet: OM100 situation awareness for control rooms
    Datasheet: TETRA Voice Gateway
    Datasheet: AR-C recorder for Claricor systems

    Datenblatt: Viewcor

    Tetrapol networks and elements

    Datasheet: Independent Digital Repeater evolution IDRe
    Datasheet: Line Access Gate -IP LAG-IP


    The best way to boost DMO range

    Did you know that more radio power will not give you a much better range in Direct Mode (DMO)?

    This infographic shows the differences and shows you the best way to achieve the best Direct Mode range.

    The truth about Watts in your PMR radio

    Download an print this infographic for your quick reference!

    Cracking the code of IP ratings

    Do you have this wrong idea about IP protection ratings for PMR radios?

    Check this infographic which cracks the IP rating code for you!

    Cheat sheet of PMR abbreviations

    Never get lost in the jargon jungle again! Download and print this cheat sheet for your quick reference.