Ex-tremely safe radio

Are you looking for a TETRA radio that is safe to use in hazardous environments such as airport fueling, oil plants, gas pipelines and refinery plants?

The THR9 Ex is safe for explosion-prone areas where sparks or overheating could endanger the user’s life. They deserve the Ex-tremely safe TETRA radio THR9 Ex.

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5 things the user needs in an ATEX radio

These are the five main things you need when you use the TETRA radio in potentially explosive atmospheres:

  • Hear the communications clearly
  • Always work safely with the radio
  • Stay available throughout the mission
  • Enjoy a highly usable radio
  • Use accessories with the ATEX radio

The THR9 Ex meets all these needs. Do not accept anything less.

Take a look at these requirements in more detail - Download this article:

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Ex-tremely safe

This video explains how the THR9 Ex meets the five key requirements for ATEX TETRA radios

Video: THR9 Ex meets ATEX requirements

Make the radio fit the user

The THR9 Ex radio can be programmed and tailored so that it fits the user’s needs exactly. For example, it is possible to configure the menu to fit the key tasks.

It is possible to add custom-fit applications, thanks to the unique Java™ support.

Accessories complete the user experience. It is all about the user’s preferences. For example, these accessories can be wirelessly connected with the radio's integrated Bluetooth™:

  • Monophones
  • Carrying devices
  • Audio accessories.


And the bonus

Users can safely connect and disconnect the THR9 Ex accessories directly in the explosive area. They do not have to leave the area for the accessories’ sake.

Choose your accessories from the TETRA Accessories catalogue:

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Get all details from the THR9 Ex ATEX TETRA radio datasheet

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Ex-tremely safe

The THR9 Ex is the ATEX radio with

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